Braden Land

Braden Land


Braden Land is one of my favorites. If you need an overly simplified description, think of him as Conor Oberst but with some serious scrot. This guy has something so unique that he's going to be around forever..." -Peter Grumbine of Current TV


Braden Land started playing the blues and original tunes in Jackson, MS. In 2006 he self-released his first album entitled "Dirt" with which he toured the tri-state area. Then in 2007 he hit the road touring from New Orleans to New York City and in 2008 from Nashville to Los Angeles.

His latest album "Stumble & Glow", which features an all-star cast of musicians, was released this past Fall on Exodus Records. It is receiving airplay across the country on college radio as well some radio airplay in Europe. Braden continues touring from coast to coast supporting the new record.

Wesley Harvey
DreamScapers International

Publicity (U.S):
Brookes Company
Annissa Mason

Publicity (Europe)
Peter Holmstedt, Hemifran

Radio Promotion:
Tinderbox Music
Jon Delange


Dirt 2006
Stumble & Glow (Exodus Records) 2008

Set List

Set list varies.

Set length 45-90 minutes.