Brad Fillatre

Brad Fillatre

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Moody Blues


Brad was born in the small town of Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Made up of endless forests, dark mountain terrain and a rugged North Atlantic coastline, it was these intense landscapes that engrained themselves into the fabric of Brads creative consciousness.  The significance of the west coast of Newfoundland on Brads musical development was monumental, The mountains, ocean, vast emptiness and harsh climate effect you, Fillatre reflects, that environment is magical, and foreboding. It casts energy that Ive never experienced anywhere else.

In  2005 Brad packed up and headed for Toronto to focus his energy on a potential musical career. With a collection of songs already written, Brad formed The Evelyn Room, recording an independently released self-titled EP released in the spring of 2008.  Off the strength of this EP and his intensely charismatic live show, The Evelyn Room went on to showcase at NXNE in 2009 and made the short list of top 60 bands to watch for that year. In addition, 2009 brought the band several nominations at the XM Radio Verge Awards, which resulted in radio play for both live and recorded performances.

That same year, Brad had begun to amass songs that didnt fit the mold of The Evelyn Rooms rock sound. Unsure about what to do next and trying to make sense of this new musical path, Brad finally decided it was time to try something new.  In 2011 Brad hit the studio, recording an album of acoustic folk songs inspired by his east coast upbringings.  This first fully solo effort, For Your Weakness, was finally released in October 2012 on Sparks Music and has quickly built a buzz.  Brads candid songwriting resonates a true raw emotion.  Spectral vocal reverberations layer with swooping electric guitar, and thumping percussive displays echo alongside the subtleties of Brads unique vocal tone.  For Your Weakness has been hailed as heartfelt yet heartbreakingly beautiful but to Brad its more than a few songs of love, loss and struggle in the big city, its a way of being honest with oneself and hoping others connect and relate to whats being expressed.



Face The Dark

Written By: Brad Fillatre

Face the Dark
Get out of my heart, get out of my head
Face the dark, face the edge
I bury my face in a bottle of rye
Lie awake and wonder why

I could’ve made you love me
Oh my broken heart
Day’s waste, others fall apart
Dim the lights and face the dark

My hearts been beating out of my chest
There ain’t no sun above me
But I never was afraid to try
Cause hearts are meant to break sometimes

I could’ve made you love me
Oh my broken heart
Some day’s waste, others fall apart
So dim the lights and face the dark

Dim the lights and fade to dark


For Your Weakness - October 2012 (Sparks Music)