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Brad Irons

Bedford, Texas, United States | SELF

Bedford, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Christian Acoustic


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"Interview with singer/songwriter Brad Irons"

INTERVIEWER: I hear a lot of different styles in your music. Who are some of your major influences?

BRAD: My biggest influence is probably Keith Green. But there's also Andrae Crouch, Billy Crocket, Wayne Watson, Billy Joel, Degarmo and Key, Kenny Loggins and the Winans."

INTERVIEWER: The Winans and DeGarmo and Key in the same sentence?

BRAD: Definitely! I love gospel. I was raised on it. But when I was in jr. high, my brother Johnny started listening to some CCM because this girl he liked listened to it. I thought he was the coolest guy on earth so I listened to what he listened to. He bought this thing called a Valualbum... it had Leon Patillo, Pete Carlson, Sandi Patti, and a newcomer named Kenny Marks. I loved that cassette and played it to death."

INTERVIEWER: So how did you actually get involved in music?

BRAD: Around the house we had a broken electric guitar... no amp and only five strings... and a Roy Clark Big Note Guitar book. I just suddenly had this desire to do this (starts to strum). It was really out of the blue. All of the sudden that I felt that I wanted to learn guitar. No one in my family played guitar so it was strange to have such a powerful desire to do that. I know it was God. Before that, a minister had told me that he felt God wanted to use me in the area of music. I didn’t think that was going to happen because I felt I was such a horrible singer. So must have literally “given me the desire of my heart.”

I (also) had two Native American friends who played acoustic and they taught me things I couldn't pick up with my five-string electric and my book. They were huge Keith Green fans so you have to picture this: a black guy with a broken guitar sitting with two Indian guys, who were twins, playing songs by Keith Green and the Messianic Jewish group Lamb in the middle of Oklahoma.

INTERVIEWER: Did you sing in Hebrew?

BRAD: I can still sing a little Hebrew. And some Spanish! I love singing in other languages.

Interviewer: From little interest in music to a broken five string to Independent Christian singer/songwriter and worship leader? What happened?

BRAD: God, Baptists and Billy Crocket.

INTERVIEWER: Sounds like the start of a bad joke.

BRAD: Once I started to learn guitar, I started writing songs. I've always enjoyed writing stuff. I drew comic books in school, wrote poetry, short stories, etc. I liked to sing but didn't think I was any good at so I sang in choirs so I didn’t stand out. But in high school, I accidentally signed up for a course called Music Theory. I was trying to sign up for choir. But I stayed in the class and learned about how music fits together. I began to see music composition as another form of creative writing.

But things really solidified when I got to college. I went to a block party at the Baptist Student Union and saw Christian artist Billy Crockett in concert. I had never seen anyone share the gospel like that. I didn't know you could do that. He touched us all so deeply with his songs and testimony. I just knew that it was what I wanted to do.

INTERVIEWER: That's still a long way from leading worship in the local church right?

BRAD: Right. That wasn't on my radar. It's a long story. Basically it comes down to, I thought only perfect people led worship, and so I didn't qualify. But through the persistence of a friend and Youth minister I began leading worship for a youth group of ten people. Then it grew to hundreds. Somewhere down the road it all just kept going. I just kept trying to be faithful to what God had given me and He kept increasing it and giving me other opportunities. But it was not a goal or dream of mine.

INTERVIEWER: Promise Keepers, March for Jesus, etc.?

BRAD: I didn’t have a worship leader resume. I just saw an opportunity to serve the body of Christ through music and God began opening doors. God is definitely using the foolish things to confound the wise. There are so many better singers and musicians out there. I know there are people more spiritual than I am. But this is what God has me doing so I will do it.

INTERVIEWER: So what should people expect from your music or at a concert?

BRAD: The unexpected. Seriously! Acoustic pop rock groove music. Definitely expect humor. And honesty... And hope. Jesus in the real world. I was raised on the "Victory speech" Christianity. And even though I have found it to be true many times, we can't forget the scars of victory. They're there too! If we suffer with Christ we shall reign with Him. So there are ups and down. Times of suffering and reigning. I try to write from mountains and valleys and the journey between the two.

Brad currently serves as worship leader for The Vine Fellowship in Arlington, Texas under Pastor David Kerr. His new CD called "Mercy" is scheduled for release in 2006
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"Comments From Around the Web"

Rebecca Carpenter (Rating: 10)
"Brad- So many great songs! I really like "The Lamb overture" very moving!"

Laurie Sterling (Rating: 10)
"I really liked, "Battle Hymn!" You really add your own interesting style! Keep singing for Jesus!"

Brandon Hixson of Godfueled (Rating: 10)
"Thank you for your help on Saturday! We really enjoyed you and your music! Hope to work with you again!"

Debbie Rice (Rating: 10)
"Brad, it was great to meet you at the Dawson Music Festival. You were truly wonderful! You had the crowd going! I hope we all get to play together again, soon. (I want to hear that 'pastor impersonation' again!)"

Rick LaRocca (Rating: 10)
"Brother Brad, the Holy Spirit has a grip on you, man, and has set you free to infuse His saving grace into the hearts and souls of weary. I just listened to the sample of "Leave This World Behind" where part of the lyric pours out "... but as I look into their face I don't think they really care. They just want to get out of here. To escape the pain and flee the fear. And leave this world behind." I see my dad as you sing (and OH, HOW YOU SING!). Dad just turned 86. He wants to go home so much. A former band leader and singer (and, oh he could sing!) he says what more could there be here, that he's had a great life with no regrets. And, of course he misses my mom. He sang for her everyday."

Danny from mile7 (Rating: 10)
"Brad I dig your retro style man! Keep those hits coming."

MyKey K - Gospel piano servant (Rating: 10)
"my key brother Brad Irons sings with a holy supernatural voice that was healed and is now healing me and others in Jesus ALL The Way!!!"

Carolyn Cavanagh (Rating: 10)
"Hey, what uplifting music! How nice to meet you and to know a dear brother in Christ..........blessings to you and this ministry."

Tawana Albert (Rating: 10)
"Brad, Nice music and voice.

Barbara Gerami (Rating: 10)
"We love ya!!! Awesome!!!"

Mark Mrema (Rating: 10)
"excellent music and more blessing. Awesome Praises brother!!!!"

Lynn Hammack (Rating: 10)
"Love your music. I can't wait to see you in concert!"

Joey Nicholson @ IH (Rating: 10)
"Awesome bro!!!"

Rick@ icmraw (Rating: 10)
"AWESOME!!! "Prayers of a Prodigal" was on this week's ICMRAW Podcast. Can't wait to hear the complete album!"

Cozzie Burrus (Rating: 10)
"I get to blast your album (and my other brother's) in the office. No other music can be played this loud. My boss really loved this CD. Thanks for your help she is a new Christian and I needed the extra help to survive this job."
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- Single - HE IS THERE - received airplay on KNLE in Austin, Texas

- Single - BATTLE HYMN - used in commercial by Tom Dooley advertising talent search and received airplay in Dallas, TX
- Single - ELI - recorded by Texas Christian rock band "Hearts of Fire" under its original title, ELOI.
- Single - LEAVE THIS WORLD BEHIND - named by Jamsline as one of the best indie songs on the web.

- Single - PRAYING FOR YOU - featured on several podcasts and internet radio stations across the web
- Single - PRAYERS OF A PRODIGAL - featured several podcasts and internet radio stations across the web
- Single - MERCY STREET - climbed to top 20 on the charts of various internet radio stations.
- Received Honorable Mention in Songwriter of the Year contest sponsored by VH-1
- PRAYING FOR YOU - #1 on IndieHeaven Fan Faves Chart - one of the top Independent Christian Music charts in the nation.

Featured guest musician and artist for local organizations and events.



Brad is a Christian singer/songwriter with an acoustic pop sound that touches audiences of all ages, races and denominational background. With humor and honesty, Brad shares his songs of faith, hope and love through catchy rhythms balanced by well written, thoughtful lyrics.

Brad has spent over 12 years serving as a worship leader for both youth services and main church services. He also has been a frequently been a guest speaker, teacher, worship leader, pianist, drummer, vocalist and guitarist for other congregations. And he loves playing the coffee houses and similar venues. Currently, he is a graphic designer at Platinum Press in Grand Prairie, Texas and is working on his BA in Computer Forensics.

Awards and Achievements

Brad has received several awards as an independent musician. He has been nominated for Contemporary and Acoustic artist of the year at IndieHeaven ( His song “Prayers of a Prodigal” was also nominated for Song of the Year. In 2002, Tom Dooley of “The Journey” radio broadcast named Brad one of top 20 independent artists in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Recently (May 2009) the song "Praying for You" made it to the number one spot on the IndieHeaven Fan Faves chart and held the position for several days until its time on the chart expired.

He has placed songs on top of many independent music charts in the states and overseas. Contemporary Christian Music International also named him one of the top 10 independent artists. Brad has also been recognized by his peers for his ability to place interesting lyrics with great pop hooks. His retro sound is reminiscent of people like Steven Curtis Chapman, Billy Joel and Kenny Loggins, while his vocal, piano and guitar delivery evokes thoughts of artists like Keith Green, Carman or Wayne Watson.

Brad has a BA in English and Drama from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. He has years of experience with concerts and leading worship. This has given him the priviledge of working with and being trained by incredible songwriters like Jeff Ferguson, Regi Stone and Higher Ground. His songs have been recorded by other independents like the Southern Christian rock Band, Hearts of Fire.

Brad delivers a powerful message of God’s love and shares the gospel through the humor and music.