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Mr. Invisible

Written By: Brad Keel

Mr. Invisible


What’s this sound that I hear
It’s rolling around in my ears
It’s her voice that I’ve heard
It’s breaking me down with each word

And now here’s me
Mr. Invisible
Now I don’t feel so invincible
Time’s taught me something indelible
I’m not so incredible

Oh once upon a time
She propped up this heart of mine
Now I know after the fall
I’m no superman after all

Words and Music by: Brad Keel 2006

If I Could See Love

Written By: Brad Keel

If I could see love
What would it look like?
How would it look
If it stood right next to me?
Burning questions
My mind their racing through
I’ve seen love ‘cause I’ve seen you

Standing here today
We’ve walked a road so hard
Filled with broken dreams
And devastated hearts

Looking back on all
The Lord has brought us through
A brand new chapter starts
I’m glad it starts with you

Oh I see/touch love, I see/touch love
When I see/touch you

If I could touch love
What would it feel like?
How would it feel
If I held it in my hands?
Hands heal quickly
But not a heart pierced through
I’ve touched love ‘cause I’ve touched you

Walk the Room

Written By: Brad Keel

Walk the Room
I said I would walk across
The world for you and back again
You said you don’t want me to
Be far from you or from your hand

I heard disappointment in the way that you described what I
Had done to your heart when I
Just let you go and kept my pride
I’d walk across the world
You just want me to walk the room

I saw you across the room
Arms folded in your favorite chair
I knew I should go to you
Swallow my pride and meet you there

This room never looked so big
How can it be, what’s different now
I know I must go to you
And make it right, be reconciled
I’d walk across the world
You just want me to walk the room

I could let it blow over just to let it blow up
Just in time to see it blow right over me
Your not believing what your not receiving
So I’ll cross this room down on my knees
I’d walk across the world
You just want me to cross the room

The truth is I’m more mad about you
Than I could ever be mad at you (2x)
I’d walk across the world
You just want me to cross the room

Ó Words and Music by: Brad Keel May 2007

Tryin' to Count the Rain

Written By: Brad Keel

Trying to Count the Rain
Little boy, little girl
Watching the storm roll in
Sitting in their Momma’s lap
Learning to count to ten

Killing time, feeling fine
Waiting for rain to stop
But as the rain falls I smile
As they try to count each drop

Oh I’ll treasure this forever
‘Cause it passes like the weather
You can sit and count most anything
But if you want to count my love for you
You might as well try to count the rain

Little girl, little boy
You’re growing up way too fast
Father time storms on by
Today will soon be the past

You’ll be grown and be gone
These memories all I’ve got
Like a hard rain they’ll fall
As I try to count each drop

Ó2006 Words and Music by: Brad Keel