Brad Kenstler

Brad Kenstler


A highly original, catchy, educated, soul-searching, eclectic, longy, emoish-goth, indie alternative rock singer/songwriter fluent on guitar, piano, voice, and orchestration with an education in Classical Theory/Composition from UNLV. Brad Kenstler has 22 years of experience from punk to now.


Brad Kenstler is a native singer songwriter of Las Vegas with an education in classical theory and composition with roots in punk, goth, new western, new wave, alternative, classical composition, psychedelic and hardcore. His new material is solely performed and recorded by himself at a home studio with a highly original, catchy, educated, soul-searching, eclectic, longy, emoish-goth, indie, dark, alternative rock, singer/songwriter type thing. Here are some of his inluences: Game Theory, Let's Active, Rain Parade, Violent Femmes, Pixies, Marty Robbins, Cat Stevens, The Bolshoi, Bauhaus, And also the Trees, Cocteau Twins, The Damned, The Saints, Generation X, Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, Echo & the Bunnymen, the Smiths, Subterfuge, Herd of Lemmings, Rainy Dayz, Meat Puppets, Code of Honor, BGK, Drunk Injuns, DRI, TSOL, AOD, MInutemen, Black Flag, Bad Religion, Dead Can Dance, The Church.


Brad Kenstler Just go to Sleep (2CD) (c)2005 streaming

The Pondus Hydrogeni EP (c) 2006 streaming
Happy Jack (c) 2000 streaming
The Council of Sheep (c) 1994 streaming
The Frozen Parent (Twist, single) streaming
Zardoz (singles)
Brad Kenstler (singles)

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45-60 min sets or 2 40 min sets