Bradless is a 5-piece from a far away planet - 'Nohbradts.' Or so goes the popular Bradless lore. The only thing known for sure is that they play funky melody oriented music with lots of vocal harmonies and untraditional song structures.


The evolution of Bradless has been slowly but steadily been rolling along since late 2002.

Bradless began as a hard rocking group of four (Tim Rennie, Justin Castator, Brad Barnett, and Joel Chisolm) but soon the lineup was pared down to core members Rennie and Castator. They then began releasing acousto-harmonic rays of sunshine into coffeehouses and record stores across Orangeville. Bradless, however, was eventually put on hold for a year, while Castator and Rennie focused on solo material. However, Bradless was not so easily cast aside and the two resumed as a three piece with Shawn Carroll adding an element of funk to the mix. Soon after, with the addition of Matthew Sharpe on drums, the lineup seemed cemented.
However the corruption, stress, and demands of stardom became too much for Carroll who is, at heart, stone free. He left the band on good terms and in his wake the notorius Pat Bramm, Toronto Indie Rocker of Daybreak fame, took over bass duties. As if things weren't getting complicated enough already, Castator returned to his roots and began manning the piano, bowing to housemate Daniel Dickson's far superior axe-skills. Dickson fleshed out what is the current and, most speculate, permanent lineup of the band.
After a few months of practice in private Bradless Began infiltrating the Toronto scene, their third show in their current incarnation being a headlining slot at Lee's Palace. In addition to their live shows, Bradless are currently working on two seperate albums for independent release. Songwriters Rennie and Dickson are working on their debut production collaboration, and Bradless' debut release, The Bradless EP. This EP will feature a few classic Bradless tracks, as well as a few of the classic Bradless tracks of tomorrow. It will be followed up by the Debut Bradless full length, Castator's Baby, the tentatively titled "Hurricane" LP. This is a story-album which focuses on themes such as Death, Love, Free Will, Diamonds and Lions. Bradless is affiliated with the Harmony Rainbow Collective, based in Orangeville Ontario, which has spawned fast-growing groups such as the Haymakers and the Faceless Lazers. A momentum is building up around the collective, and whatever happens next for Bradless promises to be big.

Bradless has been compared to the Microphones, Flaming Lips, Beck, Neutral Milk Hotel, Wilco, Eliott Smith, the Faceless Lazers and others, at one time or another, for one reason or another.


the Matt Damon Song

Written By: Bradless

I was one of the first men
to go in with my head held high
and I was one of the first men
Pen to the paper I was the first man to sign

you missed the sun
I can't see the sun at all
you said you'd miss the sun
I can't see the sun at all

I was one of the first men
to go in with my guns held high
and I was one of the first men
guns a blazin' I was the first man to die

you'd miss the sun
I can't see the sun at all
you said you'd miss the sun
I can't see the sun at all

Champagne bottle pop I'ma take you to the top baby baby (from 50 cent)

(I am a) Falling Bomb

Written By: Bradless

Thanksgiving gold
Clenched between my teeth
Dropped from above
From out of a tree

Thanksgiving's cold
And it starts to freeze
On the top of the hill
There's a giant breeze

That fells a giant tree
(I am a falling bomb)
Lit by lightening
That burns the jagged mouth
(I am a falling bomb)
Through which the candle sees

Thanksgiving Gold
Clenched between my teeth
Dropped from above
From out of a tree

Shoop Shoop Badabadabada

Like a falling bomb
Like falling bombs
And food packages
Food packages
Are like falling bombs
Like falling...


Written By: Justin Castator

I am rigid
Hinges rusted, creaking about anything and all
All of the time

My smile is frigid
I'm not an asshole i'm just waiting for the end
Of endless lines

And if i don't do something
I'm going to nervously explode
And fade away

The crowd surrounded
And i was anxious but the floor was shaking with a
Steady pulse

And i could feel it
Deep within me and it far surpassed any of my
Petty faults

And if i didn't do something
My soul was going to explode
So i started dancing
And all my worries began to erode

I still remembered hate but it seemed so distant
I was not concerned with fate for I was in it
I was not thinking about anything but my hands lifted in the air

Catching Star Dust

Some people just shine so bright
Some microphones give off so much light
The world is so beautiful
When you help me peel the wool


Upcoming Release (currently being recorded):
The Bradless EP
1. (I am a) Falling Bomb
2. Four Bent Bows
3. Dr. Zoidberg
4. The Love You Ditty
5. The Matt Damon Song

Hurricane LP
1. Catch the Lion
2. Diamond Clear
3. Circles
4. Eye
5. Catch the lion pt 2.
6. Oh No
7. Butterfly
8. Love Song
9. The Roof Falls In
10. I'm Invisible Once Again
11. I Won't Turn Off the Light

Set List

Original Tunes

1. Hurricanes
2. Catch the Lion
3. (I Am) A Falling Bomb
4. The Matt Damon Song
5. Four Bent Bows
6. Circles
7. Dr. Zoidberg
8. Marianna

bradless will customize a set list that's right for the venue and time schedule made from original tunes.