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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Hip Hop Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Too Hot"

Before "Too Hot" came out Bradley dropped the "Hip Hop in Flip Flops" EP, and to everyones surprise these tracks had talent behind them. Although one could tell Bradleys skills were still just beginning to be developed, with the standout title track one could only want to hear more from this emerging independent hip hop artist. His newest work rightfully titled, "Too Hot" showcases Bradleys already more experienced talent taken to another level to that of his previous work. His style stems from some obvious old school influences such as the Beastie Boys as well as today's artists such as Eminem. The leadoff track "Mr. Big Stuff" quickly gives the listener an overview of Bradley's confident but laid back personality with a sample of the funk classic by Jean Knight. The title track is another highlight on the album with Bradley rapping about his appreciation for some of the finer things of life. "West Coast Whiteboys" hits us with a more true hip hop style while staying real with his style and never coming off as a fake impersonation. Impressive considering the amount of leeching that occurs today in the rap industry. We get back to the fun 'hip hop in flip flops' style with "Gangster of Love" which includes a sample of Lynyrd Skynyrds "Sweet Home Alabama" over a funked up baseline. "Rock The Phunky Beats" continues this style with a AC/DC "Back In Black" sample that falls short of the excitement of "Gangster of Love" but is still a solid track regardless. A big surprise on "Too Hot" is "Comin' Out Swingin'" featuring Bradley donig a complete 180 on chill and totally releasing a track on anger and he really pulls it off. It was also fortunate to hear "You Ain't Gotta Love Me" with lyrics giving the listener a more intimate and less self-assured message than the rest of his songs where he is so completely confident in himself.

Bradley is strongest with the laid back 'hip hop in flip flops' style that people know him for but he still achieves a diversity in his music. Lots of credit has to be given to the production work on "Too Hot," Bradley's raps and the well-produced beats go hand-in-hand to create some badass music. There is definitely are market for Bradley and can be found in fans of musicians such as Kottonmouth Kings, Sublime, OPM, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Jack Johnson, Slightly Stoopid, G. Love... Bradley's talent and skill level has yet to reach its full potential but I thoroughly enjoyed the album and look forward to hearing more from this young artist.
- Chill Tunes (

"Best song on period"

Great sample. From the second the song starts you are totally sucked in. The scratching of the sample is sweet. This is one of the most talented groups I've heard in a long time. "I'm not black" I'm guessing you're white. So I just want to say, screw Eminem, screw Atmosphere. This guys the real deal. I can't wait to read the lyrics. The back ups are great too. We only need to listen to 90 seconds but I'm gonna check out the whole thing. -

"perfect score for this clever hip/hop deviation"

wow this is one tricky beat. dude, no girl is toooo hot haha. but nice one anyway. i like songs about rockin girls in the back of a mercedes. that girl is too hot, baby baby too damn hot. this is catchy as hell. the music mixes it up more than most rap/hip hop songs. this is an awesome concept for a song haha, just listing girls you think are too damn hot. fucking 5 of 5. the bass quote near the end was brilliant. -


Bradley is doing his own thing and it works for him. These are some great beats and this artist nails it everytime. Bradley is smooth and dynamic. His rhymes are entertaining and these tracks are hot. With the look and the talent, this artist is the entire package. - IMG Music Promotions

"You Rocked Atlanta!!"

Hey Brad, Matt was really impressed by your professionalism and overall performance last weekend. We get A LOT of entertainment acts weekly approaching us to do performances, promote, and throw events. Just about 99% of them over promise and under deliver. You came across the country from LA to Atlanta, headlined our A3C festival Friday night and everyone loved it! Matt was extremely pleased that you kept your promise, showed remarkable humility for a performer, and delivered the crowd as you stated you would. If that's a consistent scenario for you, we're happy to have you work with us on a regular basis. Big thanks for a great showing and for making our work easier. - Email


The Hustle


Feeling a bit camera shy


You know the feeling when you were younger that you never truly grasped at the time? When you had the whole world to conquer, no serious responsibility, each day presenting a different opportunity, all with this feeling of excitement and ambition flowing through your veins? This feeling flows through the music of Bradley, an up and coming hip hop talent that you dont want to sleep on. Somewhere between the old and new school, between underground and mainstream, between bad-ass and heartbroken this music lives, compelling ears from teenagers to full blown adults with inspiring lyricism and honesty all at the same time. The group is composed of Bradley: polished emcee , alongside Ryan Williams: Jedi Producer. Originally from the mid-west, now making heads nod in Los Angeles, Bradley is the poster child for what an emcee is not supposed to look like. This only pushes him harder pulling in more listens with witty tunes like Soccer Moms, to stories of dysfunctional relationships as in She Said / He Said, to pure hip hop anthems such as Verbal Backflips. Bradleys music stems from positive influences, auto-biographical tales and daily observations all set to the backdrop of some of the hardest knocking beats in this hemisphere. Enter Ryan Williams, eclectic musician / production / engineer extrordinaire. Ryan artistically lays the canvas for the painting which Bradley lays his vocal brush. Influenced heavily from electronica through metal, Ryans hip hop instrumentals dare to go far from the stereotyped montonous looping in hip hop. He is able to use all in his musical arsenal including: piano/synth, strings, guitar licks, thick basslines and tight drum kits with variable changes throughout each composition. With nothing ahead of them but passion and opportunity, the team has set on a tour-de-force to turn the music industry upside down and make this happen now. Now touring with a full 6 piece band entourage, they are already conquering the west coast making this "organic hip hop" come to life!