Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

One part mad genius, one part ritalin kid.
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BRADLEY began as his solo electro-pop follow up to the successful JOYSTICK project Brad created with singer Coco Love Alcorn (2004). Holing up in his home studio armed with his computer as a writing tool, Bradley created his debut Pink Pill Program album and released it through MapleNationWide in 2007.

2010 saw the release of his 2nd album MountainTigerWolf, released on the indie label Drip Audio and distributed by Fontana. As Robert Everett-Green noted in his disc of the Week Globe and Mail review "Bradley’s musical outlook encompasses the craft-conscious ethos of an old-school songwriter, the playground mentality of someone who likes to mess with synthesizers, and the tear-it-up sensibility of an unreconstructed punk..."

The music of BRADLEY and JOYSTICK has had strong support in the licensing world and can be heard on the shows: the L word, Godivas, Life with Derrick, Intelligence, Just Cause and The Dead Zone.

With strong support from Live Nation bradley has opened for Rich Aucoin, John K Samson, Sweet Thing, AWOLNATION, Liz Phair, The Pack AD and Uh Huh Her. In 2011 Brad received a Canada Council Arts Grant to travel to Paris and Berlin for two months to write for a new recording, he has recently received a Factor Independent Recording Loan to bring it to fruition.

The beats are pummelling and sputtering, the instrumentation over-the-top layered, the songs spliced in experimental ways. But just before the production gets too distracting, Bradley smartly balances things with sparser, more organic tunes that show off his strong voice, memorable melodies and songcraft....
NOW Magazine Toronto

He spurts out carefully crafted chunks of alt-pop beauty through strange electro-acoustic experimentation. Using a bric-a-brac array of synths, computers, drums machines and fuzzed-out guitars, Bradley hopscotches from early day Beck to latter day Jay Reatard.... bradley is the kind of self-made, electro-rock musician one could file under reclusive genius. The Vancouver Sun


Girl on TV

Written By: bradley

If you’re late turn the light’s on baby, if you’re melted you don’t need me,
in the maze with the light’s on baby, it’s so nice that you don’t see
in the lights of the dust town baby, if it’s right then it’s wrong with me,
it’s allright not a shame now maybe,it’s allright I don’t want it,
I want, you to be, the girl that I see on TV
I want, you to be, the girl with the red hair i see on TV
late at night taste’s like chocolate baby, it’s the last you’ll be seen with me,
the red light looks so blue to me baby, it’s so nice that i can’t see,
I see you’re gaze in the mirror baby, if it’s wrong then it’s right with me,
I’ve got an AM radio baby, it’s allright I don’t want it,
(Chorus).... come on
Lego paintings on the wall now baby, it’s so nice that I can’t even see,
I’ve got a bright green coat ya maybe, it’s the last time you’re seen with me,
I’ve got a book and it’s fucked up baby, It’s the last thing I ever see, come on

Black Shirt

Written By: bradley

if i could neon light you,
an action figure of you,
draw a picture for you to see
if I could re invite you,
to all the things i don't do,
would you be obliged to me?

All the dark ones gone away,
only nice one's here today.
just keep in mind my state of mind
but i could watch you everyday
I trade my black shirt in for brown
i lay the feathers on the ground
so you can follow them to me
if you get lost along the way.

if i could make you lightning
i'd be up the first tree
you could shine your lights on me
if i could make you into
a kind of pill to swallow
i could be alright with me

Your Money

Written By: bradley

who's going fishing in the see?
who's gonna get that enemy?
who's gonna come and rescue me?
who's gonna get that enemy?

I'm gonna throw away the money that you gave me
just to prove to you that I am worthy
I'm gonna put away the pills that I've been taking
just to show you that I'm not still crazy

Who's got secret memories?
who's gonna get that enemy?
who's to high society?
who's gonna get that enemy?

(I don't want no one to see her,
she's the dream and I'm the dreamer)


Joystick-Welcome to the Factory(2005)
bradley-pink pill program(2007)

Set List

1x 50min set
Mostly my tunes
Maybe 1 cover