Bradley Dean

Bradley Dean


Bradley Dean is a singer/songwriter who writes original songs drawing from such diverse influences as Bob Dylan, The Clash, Bo Diddley, Paul Westerberg, Leadbelly, early Motown, etc. Dean writes from the heart, and follows it wherever it wants to go.


In 2002, at the age of 18, Bradley Dean was handpicked by The Ramones artistic director, Arturo Vega, to perform during a birthday tribute to Joey Ramone at the legendary CBGBs. Having heard a song written and performed by Dean on a 4-track cassette recorder, Vega remarked that of the hundreds he had heard, Dean’s was among the best-written songs. That night, Dean played alongside punk rock legends The Misfits as well as surviving members of The Ramones.

Taking great encouragement by this accomplishment, Dean saved his pennies and threw himself into the vast underbelly of New York City. He quickly formed a band, The Visitors, and recorded an independent album for Eschatone Records. The Visitors took their sound on the road, completing East and West coast tours. The band’s album and chaotic live shows earned them favorable reviews around the country, some of which include:

• “…hey, it's a hit! Great rock 'n' roll record!” -John Holmstrom, PUNK Magazine
• “…folks, stuff like this is why New York is still the Greatest City In The World. Give it a spin. Bradley's chunky meat-and-potatoes guitar runs get the job done with style and swagger…” –Mark Deming, All-Music Guide
• “Full of soul, crammed with an irrepressible, almost innocent glee, The Visitors is the antithesis to the buttoned-down world of garage rock rules. Wrecking authenticity and bastardizing a slew of rock'n'roll formulas is rarely so much fun.” –

Now, six years later, Dean has returned to the original method of his early recordings, with improved technology and sound quality. Drawing from a vast pool of influences including: Leadbelly, Jimmy Reed, Bob Dylan, The Clash, The Pogues, Neil Young, 1960s Motown and Paul Westerberg. Dean blends his punk rock background with his love for early blues and folk and performs regularly around New York City, with plans to tour in the near future.


The Visitors- S/T (Eschatone Records, 2007 LP)
Bradley Dean- 2008 EP (Self-released)

Set List

Solo sets are usually between 30-45 minutes, but can be longer or shorter according to the gig.

Originals titles include: Make My Day, Get Me Out Alive, Unknown Love, Everybody's Headed to the Graveyard, So They Say, Happy Again, I'm All ALone, Never Get Enough, Don't Hate What I've Become, and more...

Covers include: Lost Highway (Hank Williams), Wonderful Lie (Paul Westerberg), Mellow My Mind (Neil Young), etc.