Bradley Jacks

Bradley Jacks


Bradley Jacks is an original rock band out of Peoria, Illinios that was created for the soul purpose of assembling a rock band that was unlike any other, a group of four seasoned musicians who love to play and perform live and can draw a huge crowd and appeal to many who are not traditional rock fan


Bradley Jacks comprises of 4 musicians who each left their respective bands to form a band of the best muscians in the area to ensure a professional sound and professional attitude. Each musician in Bradley Jacks has been playing their respective instrument since childhood, with our drummer starting at 9 years old.

We have performed all over Illinios in small and medium sized venues, we have won several battle of the bands, and our music is played on the radio in Peoria.

We are not a group of "wanna be" musicians who decided to form a band for fun, we are serious dedicated rockers who love to write, play and perform and only settle for the best. None of our members drink or use drugs, we don't have attitudes and we take our music very serious. For larger shows our drummer plays with an complete 12 piece Pearl Custom kit which combined with the talent of our guitarists and the Joe's excellent vocal range - provides a show that will dwarf many larger national bands.

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EP - Songs from the Basement. Recorded in 2009 with 6 original songs. Full length album planned for 2010 with all original music

Set List

We play both 2 and 4 hour sets which consist of original and cover songs. We also have a 3 song set that is explosive and rocks the crowd.

A sample of original songs includes:

Little Robot
Take Me Away
Inner Voices
Fools Purgatory
Brought Down That Way

Covers include:

I Alone - Live
Santeria - Sublime
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young
Peaches - POTUS
I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones
Wild Things - The Troggs
Figured you out - Nickelback
Bad Girlfriend - Theory of a Deadman
Santa Monica - Everclear