Bradley's Circus

Bradley's Circus


Bradley's Circus has found a new dimension in Roots music. This gives them the opportunity to go absolutely wild on stage and to really go back to small and heart aching love songs where it hits you in the deepest of soul. They mean every second and play with pure passion...!


In its still short existence Bradley' s Circus has already stolen the haerts of many a music-lover. Bradley' s circus is a band whit a very own interpretation in style as in sound of a type of music that they themselves typify as contemporary roots. And it's contemporary as night follows day. Up-front two extraordinary talented ladies on vocals and bluesharp sided by particularly creative gitarist/vocalist Jimmy The Lounge. Backed up by the spinning upright bass and rolling drums of Toine Stout and BeeWee Nederkoorn. Mattanja Joy Bradley has a splendid powerful hoarse voice and is a feast for the eye. When she sings you first take a step back to have yourself then dragged into her story. Lidewij Veenhuis is one of the few female bluesharpists in the Netherlands and perhaps even Europe and masters the art of bringing forth both beautiful soli as blowing throbbing rhythms. With Mattanja Joy Bradley she forms the double female front of the circus. An show by Bradley's Circus is an experience. Sometimes you are lured in a small song, sometimes you go off the road in an exuberant rootsgroove with splattering gitar, bluesharp and a wild Mattanja Bradley. Bradley' s Circus appeals to a much larger audience than just the roots music-lovers. The band is young wild contemporary and for everyone. Go and see and hear!!

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Written By: M. Bradley / A. van den Boogaart

That's a deal..

Ooh hoh ohhohoh that's a deal, that's a deal

Tip toes, strawling like a cat through the night
Like a ghost, shimmering and never knows where he goes

Lonesome, the family tradition was too strong
He knows it's wrong, but his vibes tell him to go on


Maybe someday, the nights will turn into day
And his pray will be served to him on a tray

He found a way, for the tradition that he will break
Cause this tomcat, will never leave his trail



Written By: T. Stout

I've got your number from a friend of mine,
It's been in my jeans for quite some time.
Lately you know I've been so alone,
that's why I'm calling you...on the telephone.

But you're busy, your line is busy....

Well Lizzy lizzy lizzy ain't no friend of mine,
She was henning 'round my roosters all the time.
I don't care if you see any other girls but me,
I would share you with the world, except for Lizzy

But you're busy, your line is busy.
Are you talking to Mary-anne, Sue, Sheri, Bernice, Suzanne or is it Lizzy?

Ring ring ring goes the telephone
There's a lady on the line and she's all alone.
Ring ring ring won't you answer please,
I ain't playing hard to get no sirree no not me, whoah !

Let's Go

Written By: T. Stout

I'm sick of hanging around

In this one horse town

I've had enough of this stuff

It's bringing me down

I've been working hard

Tying to male some do

Serving the middle class

It ain't easy you know

Let's go, get out of here

I'll be your shotgun bunny

Behind the curtains honey

Let's go get out of here

Let's go get out of here


You take you're little white pills

Drive your trucks through the hills

My eyes are open and wide

The moon is out

And the stars are bright

As we dissolve into the night


First and second verse



Written By: A. van den Boogaart

The first time, she touched my soul

I felt like a long lost soldier coming home from a long lost war

For so many years I was searching

Like a black stray cat on a rainy night

When I look into the blue sky

And the sun is shining but all I can do is cry cry cry

For so many days I cried you a rainbow

For so many nights I was thinking about your sorry eyes

I;m standing on a corner

The rain tells me it's allright

But my poor heart is aching and my soul, it's on fire

My love is soaked my love is driftin'

They say home is where your heart is

so I guess I ain't coming home tonight

I moved your picture, down from my wall

And I replaced it with nothing at all

For so many years I was searching

And I guess I keep on searching until I find my way back home

Tomboy Boogie

Written By: M. Bradley / A. van den Boogaart / L. Veenhuis

This is the tomboy boogie, because we can

This is the tomboy boogie, we beat the man

Tomboy boogie, cause we can

I bet they could have used us in Vietnam

I was climbing trees at the age of five

With my scabby knees I made my mamma cry

Cause she prayed to the lord for a girl so sweet

She got a girl all right but from a different breed

I want to thank the lord for this heavenly joy

That I can live my life like a real tomboy

I was drinking my first beer at the age of ten

And soon I was "out drinking%u201D all of the man

I was fighting, drinking, racing and breaking bones

And I spit down on the Beatles, I am a Rolling Stone

So boys you'd better take my advice

Don't waste your time with lousy pick-up lines

And if you really want to spend some time

You bring me champagne when I'm thirsty

And reefer when I want to get high

I must have been around 18 or so

When my boyfriend told me I shouldn't go out no more

I said ofcourse darlin' baby, yes indeed
You'd better go somewhere else to sow your seeds

Cause I'm going out, I'm going down town

I'm gonna smoke me some cigars in Cuban style

I'm gonna fetch myself a man, and rump him till the dawn

I'm gonna boogie, boogie, boogie all night long

And now I'm 25 and very much alive

I learned the tomboy boogie whilst I was doing time

So all you pretty women with you varnished nails

Grab a chainsaw and boogie and shake your god damn pretty tails

And let's thank the Lord above

That we can live our lives like real tomboys

Down on my Knees

Written By: M. Bradley / A. van den Boogaart

Well I am pleading for your forgiveness

I am down on my knees

Can't you see, can't you see

You mean everything to me

Every night I look into the bottle

Every night I hear you struggle

You gotta let me talk to you baby

Cause I won't do you wrong

No I won't do you wrong no more

I'd do anything to make you mine again

Don't you say it's over

I know, I know, I know I let you down

I know, I know, I know I put you down

If love is a stranger, pretend we never met

If love is a temple, find the infinity in me

If love is the gate to heaven, let's live until we die

So come on now baby give me one more chance

Singing to the Lord

Written By: A. van den Boogaart

I've got no money and I've got no honey

To call my own folks

My mother died during labor
And my father's got a well known name

allen: in the salvation army)

Oooooooohhhhhhh Loooooord

The devil's got my hand, And you're not around

allen: no you're not here to show her around)

So I drink my beer, champagne and wine

A few shots of whiskey make me feel so fine.

I'm going down where the flames are so high

allen: they burn a big black hole into the big blue sky

I dance with Lucifer and if you wanna cut in,

Show me your greatness or a bottle of gin.

I dance all night, there really is no day.

(allen: she and the devil really start to sway)

The moon is burning hot, the sun is black and cold as ice

Everywhere I look I see cadaver eyes.

The old devil and I started to sing

(allen: and her breath smells just like kerosene)

Wabbabaluba baby wababboom

Tutti Frutti, all over rootie, Boombabboom

I dance all night, there really is no day.

allen: she's singing to the Lord in a peculiar way)

So please allow me to introduce myself

On my Helter Skelter I'll be on my way

I've got balls of fire and a big desire

I'm gonna sing to the Lord laying in my grave.


Live in Holland (released april 2007)
recordings from 4 different gigs and a combination of our own songs and covers.

Shotgun Bunny (released february 2008)
This cd has no covers and was recorded at 4M2 studio in Utrecht (NL)

The first track on our new album is a title track for a new Dutch movie "DEAL", coming out near the end of this year.

Set List

Our own songs:
Let's Go
The Game
Down on my Knees
Record Machine
Tomboy Boogie
Shelter Me
Sad sad Song
Singing to the Lord
Ride on JP
J&L Boogie
Down go the Damned
Fist in your Face
Shake it

It hurts so Bad - Tom Hambridge
Evil - Willie Dixon
It's Been a Long Time - Annie Laurie
Murder My Baby - Pat Hare
Voodoo Blues - Jumpin' Joe Williams
Can't Quit you - Willie Dixon
Miss Celie's Blues - Quincy Jones
Wang Dang Doodle - Willie Dixon
and many more!

We can play up to 3 sets of 45 min a piece. Or up to 2,5 hours in one go.
We prefer gigs without any brakes and preferably 1 hour long!