Stealing Scarlett

Stealing Scarlett


We are a hard rock band that pushes the limits; we pull from Classical Composers such as Bach, Beethoven, and many more, combined with heavy rhythmic drum beats with a melodic cast of chords from our guitar section!


"Music is more than just passion or obsession. Music is a way to communicate fragile ideas, and to paint a portrait of life's mysteries."

Stealing Scarlett finds themselves driven to illustrate a new sound, maybe even a new genre of music: Orchestral Rock. Composed of five members: Brett Ensley, Corey Groce, Nate Howell, Nicole Wellmon and Bradley Wilbanks, Stealing Scarlett literally defines Orchestral Rock to a whole new dimension, by the driving Classical Piano, Hard Hitting Drums and Rhythmic yet Melodic Guitars they are the newest thing to ROCK!


2006 - Self titled EP
2007 - Out of Love EP
2008 - TBA Full Length

Set List

Typically we do any where between 30 minutes to an hour for a set, all original material, unless we add covers such as Flyleaf, Evanescence, or Killswitch Engage. We can perform other material (cover wise) as long as we're given at least a months time to prepare.