Brad Meeks

Brad Meeks


Brad Meeks has a traditional country voice influenced by Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, and other middle-aged country artists. He has a rich tone that has been compared to Randy Travis, Josh Turner, and even John Conlee. His music is from the heart and paints a clear picture of his life in the South.


From the time he was five years old, Brad Meeks knew that singing was going to be an integral part of his life. He first started singing in his grandparents’ living room one Sunday afternoon with his uncle and Papa, who were local accomplished musicians and performers. They sparked an interest in him at that time with a fresh new artist named Randy Travis. From that point on, Brad became a huge fan of Travis and country music.

It was just recently that this twenty-eight year-old of Dublin, Georgia began to take his dream to heart and showcase his talent. Country and gospel music are the genres that Brad can relate to most; because they are songs that are about life and life eternal. “People love music they can relate to.” With experience in gospel music as a bass singer, you will appreciate the low quality of his voice, as well as his wide vocal range and ability to perform. He is compared often to the likes of Randy Travis and Josh Turner. “They are the types of singers that I grew up listening to and can relate to.” While he is honored to be compared to such great artists, Brad strives to be an individual artist and make every song and performance his own. Brad has been successful in several competitions in the past year, with as a 2nd place finish in the 2006 Southern Idol in Dublin, 1st place in the Middle Georgia Talent Competition in Hawkinsville, GA, and also made a national television debut on March 23rd, 2007 on CMT's Karaoke Dokey. He has began writing his own music and trying to perfect that art...that is what being a true artist is all about!


Always Being There

Written By: Brad Meeks

On the day of my first fall,
And my first homerun in baseball
When I got my license to drive,
At graduation when everyone cried
On the day I married my wife,
And advice you gave for my life
Thanks Momma and Daddy,
For always being there

Our first touch in that rainbow car,
That’s when I knew I’d give you my heart
You are my first and only love,
The one I know I’ll never let go of
I cherish the day I made you my wife,
And pray it lasts for the rest of our lives
Thanks my baby,
For always being there

You were there,
When all I needed was a friend to lean on
Every trial I face,
You lift me up when all my hope is gone
Through the good and bad,
I always knew just how much you cared
I just wanted to thank you,
For always being there

I lived fourteen years ‘til the day,
You came in my life and took my sins away
There’ve been times when I got in too deep,
But all along you there with me
I owe to you all the pleasures of life,
For a job, a family, my son, and my wife
Thank you Jesus,
For always being there

Chorus 2X

I just wanted to thank you,
For always being there

If They Only Knew

Written By: Brad Meeks

I remember when I was in school,
There were kids that didn’t look so cool
Didn’t have a fancy name on their clothes and shoes,
Some had handicaps that didn’t really choose
Some kids laughed and other tried to be friends,
But the whispers and giggles, they would never end
They just prayed to the Lord above,
Give me strength, to show them your love.

He walked the halls just last year
I never saw him shed a tear
Though he tried, he could never hide
The sorrow and emptiness he felt inside
He sometimes got mad and kept to himself
And I searched for ways that I could help
He tried to laugh and somehow fit in
Hoping one day, it all would end

If they only knew,
The hurt he really feels
When they laugh and call him names
It’s a pain that never heals
He holds the hurt inside
Sometimes he cries himself to sleep
Wonder if they’d change their ways
If the pain could be set free.

All grown up with kids of his own,
His hurt and pain have followed along
There’s times when he sits alone and cries,
The hurt he faced still shows in his eyes
He hopes it will one day go away,
And prays his kids will find a better way
One day it surely will pass,
And he’ll live in peace, forever at last.

Repeat Chorus

I wonder if they’d change their ways
If the pain could be set free.

What We Do in the South

Written By: Brad Meeks

Down in the south we have our own little ways
Some spit and cuss and some choose to pray.
The girls like to talk about the clothes they wear,
Jewelry and shoes, and how they fix their hair
Guys telling stories ‘bout their first big buck
And the tires and wheels on their pick-up trucks
We live a little different, there ain’t no doubt,
That’s what we do in the south.

We say hey ya’ll and a’ight
The girls always wear their clothes a little tight
Go to church dressed in our ole’ blue jeans,
Driving daddy’s truck ‘fore we turn thirteen
Its football games on Friday night,
A girl in your arms ‘neath the pale moonlight
Take a drink of water straight from the spout,
That’s what we do in the south.

You see tractors a’ plowing all day long
And singing out loud to a country song
Every carbonated drink is called a Coke
Got a restaurant just for the people that smoke
We can name your state by the things you say
Switch from heat to air in the same day
We live a little different, there ain’t no doubt,
That’s what we do in the south.

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental Break

Repeat Chorus

It may sound funny or it may hit home
As you listen to the sounds of a country song
We live a little different, there ain’t no doubt
That’s what we do in the south


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