Brad Moss and the New Age

Brad Moss and the New Age


A soulful, youthful, electrifying rock ensemble lead by the son of Prince and Jimi Hendrix. Notorious for their stage presence and musicianship, they have the sound and feel of an updated, electric Family Stone.


Synthesis of style is a very important aspect in modern music. Despite their youth, it seems that Brad Moss and the New Age understand this completely. Their unique brand of funk and soul influenced rock comes from their upbringing in the arms of Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, and James Brown, among others. They use these influences to full effect, and seem to summon the spirit and persona of great performers before them on stage before putting their unique brand on the whole performance.
Brad Moss, the band's front man who is also known as The Kid, is a notorious 18 year-old multi-instrumentalist from Richmond, Virginia. Recently taking home 2nd place in the Richmond guitar competition, Guitar-mageddon, he is well known for his technical virtuosity on guitar. He cites his 4 year stint in a top performing high school jazz band, the likes of whom took home awards at international competitions, as his foundation. Despite all of this, he stresses that playing bass is also a great love of his, along with piano and drumkit. "I play everything on our records," he maintains. "I write the songs, and I love other people's perspectives, but I feel like I have a more personal connection with the material, since it comes from my pen."
This doesn't stop the New Age from rocking in a live situation, however. They share a unique chemistry, as the Kid and the Doctor - the blind-folded bassist also known as Alan Delbridge - are cousins. "Brad and I have been playing together for a long while now. Its gotten to the point where we can reasonably predict what the other is going to say musically in the next few bars a good percentage of the time. It allows me to play off of him very well, and vice versa," he notes. Added to Josh Coleman, on guitar, and Derek Cheatham, a Berklee College of Music student, on drumkit, they are a youthful force to be reckoned with.
Brad Moss and the New Age are a melting pot of culture and style. Adaptation and uniqueness are keys to their aesthetic, and they are turning on audiences with a steady stream of playing in Richmond and Virginia Beach. Their only fault is that when they're offered a beer by a happy concert-goer, they're legally required to turn it down.


Electronic Singles - released via
6 O'Clock
Brand New Girl
High School

A mixtape, Hebrews R' Us, was released in collaboration with Uriyah through our mailing list and music club,

Set List

Sets are usually 45 minutes to an hour. They usually consist of covers and originals.

An example set
Circuits - Original
Lemon Song - Led Zeppelin
Pass the Peas - The JBs
6 O'Clock - Original
Partyup - Prince
Road Head - Original
High School - Original
Voodoo Chile - Jimi Hendrix