Brad Passons

Brad Passons


"(Brad Passons) is a mix between Counting Crows and Howie Day" -Matt Wertz "Dig the sound. John Mayer songs with Counting Crows vocals. Hot." -Isaac Slade (The Fray)


Born In Chattanooga, TN, Brad grew up in a house full of music. He decided to make his dreams a reality at the age of 16 when he picked up his first guitar. Within a year, an ambitious Passons started a band and at 18 he was signed to a promising indie label. After a parting of ways with the label, Brad decided to take matters into his own hands and started working as a solo artist. With heart wrenching songs and hilarious stage antics, Brad quickly carved out a reputation as a promising entertainer.

Very few solo artists can say they've shared the stage with some of their heroes so early in their career. Brad's played with some of the largest national and regional acts in the country and it's all led up to Brad becoming one of those acts himself. With his intense live shows and catchy melody lines it's no wonder he is causing such a buzz.

Brad's newest self-titled release is evidence that he will be a force in the Southeast' music scene for years to come. The newest album has a more mature feel and it's obvious that Passons has matured in his songrwriting as well as life. Songs such as "Just Friends" and "Unglued" have universal themes, and the rest of the album follows suit.

Brad has played shows with The Fray, Matt Nathanson, Elliott Yamin, Matt White, Gin Blossoms, Ingram Hill, Saving Jane, Tyrone Wells, Angie Aparo, Kate Voegele, Ernie Halter, Sanders Bohlke, Jump Little Children, Five Times August, Ellis Paul, Ari Hest, Gran Bel Fisher, Andy Davis, Josh Hoge, Michael Tolcher, Michael Warren, David Mead, Micah Dalton, Nevertheless, Rodney Crowell, and Josh Bales.


Brad Passons - LP 2007
Brad Passons - EP 2006
The Ashville EP - 2005
Because It Feels Good - 2004
Set Up For Failure - 2003

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