Brad Postlethwaite

Brad Postlethwaite


Brad got mad about the war. Brad wrote some songs about it. Brad recorded those songs and started selling them to people.


I was born in Memphis, I still live in Memphis. I'm lucky to have grown up here and had exposure to the culture that has shaped so many amazing artists throughout history. There's a reason these people came from (or in some cases came to) Memphis. The vibe here is more honest, more pure, more real than most of the other "music meccas" is the US. Cities like New York, Nashville, Atlanta, LA, etc have a totally different perspective on music. It is not uncommon, for example to see a "rock band" reading sheet music in Nashville, and virtually everyone in these cities seems to have some image or asthetic that supercedes the music. While these things occur in Memphis, as well, it is by no means the standard. The standard in Memphis is based on good music and (probably most importantly) a friggin killa good time.

The dirty south gets crunk, know what i'm saying playa?


Just Cause

Written By: Bradley Postlethwaite

Ships were gathering in the sea,
war was in the air.
All the stocks were high,
All the analysts said
"that little weak country,
they'll never make it, no...
they're not civilized,
they've got nothing,
they're all alone.

Well they reached out for a hand
and there was no one there,
and they wondered why
nobody cared.
And back home sitting round
in a hazy dream,
I was watching my
favorite stars on TV.

As I picked out my clothes
as I was out at shows
their bodies were
getting tossed into holes.
my brothers and friends
piling up like trash
and no one knows
as leaders cover their tracks
with their christian smiles
and their bullshit facts.
is it out of line
for me to ask why
that american dream
we're dying for
is off killing the
defenseless and poor?


Other than the record listen below, I don't have anything else available. I do have tons of songs recorded, however, and a second record coming out soon.

Welcome to the Occupation - 2003

This is an anti war album that came out around the time Iraq was invaded. I was sure the release of this record was going to stop the invasion, but as it turns out I was wrong. (j.k. haha) Most people seem to either love this record or hate it.

A couple of songs from it were featured on a Peace Not War Compilation, which was an honor. You can find it at Other than that and a few reviews, no one payed too much attention to this record. For some reason political pop just doesn't go over in the media too well...or rather it didn't in 2003, when the war was just beginning. hmmm, maybe someone should pay to rerelease this record now, since anti-war sentiment has grown.....merry christmas

Set List

sets vary. 30-60 min