brad pounders

brad pounders

 Memphis, Tennessee, USA

memphis owns rock and roll.
memphis has always owned rock and roll.


Singer/songwriter/musician, Brad Pounders has been in and around the Memphis music and art scene for over a decade, writing, recording, producing, performing and releasing records with such groups as The Clears (working with Steve Shelley, drummer of sonic youth's label, smells like records), Viva’ La American Deathray and Vending Machine, as well as maintaining his own songwriting career. He has also worked with many notable Memphis music engineers, film makers and photographers as well, including Doug Easley, Scott Bomar, Monsieur Jeffrey Evans, Ross Johnson, Mike McCarthy, Dan Ball and Sarah Fleming.

Pounders’ many releases, both solo and with groups, have been placed in multiple films, with recent actvity for his song "Atmospheric Change" (of his "She Shakes" release, as centerpiece in the award winning indie short, "Training Wheels", as well as receiving both national and international press and airplay from Australia to Poland.

Working from his home studio, and in conjunction with his own publishing company, Serious Therapy Publishing (ASCAP), Pounders is currently in creating a sort of “open call” for a growing list of talented and versatile musicians, wherein Pounders will offer basic tracks to be mixed and edited later, and additional musicians are invited to track whatever they care to over the existing mixes, at no monetary cost to them.

Pounders upcoming 2 cd release, working title "after the fall", will feature such amazing memphis musicians.

"As with any musician, I have played with a lot of bands. Nothing special there.
I write songs for me. Songs that are honest. Songs about things that are happening in my life, to serve as benchmarks and reference points for my own experience."- bp

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the oceans daughters

Written By: brad pounders

it's no surprise,
we learned how to tread water.
tears fill our eyes
as we're taken by the seas.

you'll rule the tides
as the oceans daughters,
with a spirit that calls on a man
to be free.

they'll have the red skies
we'll have our shattered moons.
they'll have the tradewinds,
missing them.

we hold the line
searching for safe harbor.
nothing but time is offered by the sea.

you'll rule the tides
as the oceans daughters
with a spirit that calls on a man
to be seen.

they'll have the rip tides
we'll have our shattered moon.
they'll have their loved ones
missing them.

and we'll have the red skies.

i had a dream
that we were high in the jet stream.
warmed by the sun reflected off the deep.
and its no surprise
that we prefer the jet stream.

than to the edge of the world,
or sleep.


Played with the Clears (released on Sonic Youth drummer, Steve Shelleys label, Smells Like Records

Recorded and played with The American Deathray (a couple of vinyl releases there,

Released a solo cd (She Shakes-BULB Records/Serious Therapy Records).

Split 7" vinyl with Vending Machine (

Set List

I usually play some songs, one after the other until I run out of songs to play, then I stop playing and go home.