BandHip Hop

im a artist that comes from surprise arizona i have been rapping since i was 12 years old im highly influenced by mgk and eminem there my heros my styles very unique i wanna change peoples lives with my music and put a amazing show on


Rap was a big influence on my life eminem helped me alot with his music same with machine gun kelly they both brought big influences on me and they strived me to go towards my dream and get my music out there i love to show off and put shows on i love making music i can make a track a night if i wanted to cause i always have ideas my music is very unique and its a mix of like fast style good flow rapping to chill kid cudi type rapping it can drawl in all kinds of audiences ive been rapping since i was 12 years old my first few mixtapes i made i deleted and only few people have them still because im very picky about my music even if its amazing i want it better my next mixtape coming out is called just keep floatin already got merchandise for it on reverbnation go check it all out.


i have a mixtape coming out soon but i do have alot of amazing songs to perform i have a song on my youtube channel i did for my mom its called memories go check it out my mixtapes i had before were words sinks and 2013 tape 1 and i deleted them cause im very opiniated on my own music everyone loved them but i didnt feel them my mixtape coming out in a month or so is called just keep floatin in my own opinion its gonna be amazing.

Set List

Me and a mic