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Valley Scene Magazine Feb 20 2009
So you want to be a
rockstar? Well here is a young man who has his head on straight and is making
all the right moves toward success. Valley Scene Magazine recently caught up
with Brad Rounds to talk about his band Ottis and also his much-anticipated
solo debut in ....Los Angeles..... Originally from ....San Luis Obispo.. ..County...., Rounds, at twenty-three years
old, has been singing and writing tunes since the age of seven. He says he
started in choirs and musicals, but the popular rock of those days quickly
inspired him to pursue a more edgy path to success and at the age of twelve he
decided to learn guitar.

Rounds moved to the ....Los Angeles.... area about three years ago to
further his musical career as well as receive a degree from ....California.. ..State.. ..University...., Northridge (CSUN). At Cal
State Northridge he is a music industries major, studying opera performance, as
well as jazz, classical and pop styles. Nowadays, Rounds is well versed in
several instruments, which he puts to much use while creating his solo work. In
the very near future he will be graduating with a bachelors in the arts and
when asked if he would consider more schooling in the future he said that
studio engineering is a field of interest worth learning more about-he has
already begun the process of developing his own recording studio, Brad Rounds
Sound Studio, which is temporarily geared toward vocal performers, including
much rap and hip-hop. He also works for a company called Radio Express that
specializes in creating prerecorded shows of Top 40 artists to be played in
foreign markets including ..Africa.. and ....Portugal...., where he has interviewed
Disturbed, Locos Por Juana, and Thursday.

Rounds is currently the
singer for a group called Ottis, where he met brothers Chris and Mike Walcher
while auditioning for their previous band. Rounds says they started a new
project together on the spot and wrote their first song that night. A year and
a half later, they have an EP titled "Lifeless Tragedy" and have
gathered a substantial fan base within high school crowds. While Ottis is
focusing on finishing their set and preparing for shows, Rounds is also working
on a new solo album which features his talents on all instruments to follow his
first album which came out in 2003 called Lines Blurred and Confused. Rounds
stated that he is trying to create a new type of music with this album: "I
call it Indie-Atmospheric Pop-Rock."

He has worked with
several professionals-namely Puddle of Mudd drummer on a track titled
"Change These Times," and Stephan Villanueva of Castle Studios.
Rounds as a solo act, as well as the band Ottis, have appeared five times on a
new show just coming out on VH1 called Celebrity Sober House-this led to other
projects including a pilot titled You Don't Know Dick, starring Andy Dick,
where they played "Falling Apart." Influences and inspiration for
Rounds include "British post rock" (groups like the Verve),
experimenting with interesting time signatures, as well as older Jimmy Eat
World for the "clarity", Death Cab for Cutie, U2, Coldplay, and Snow
Patrol. Rounds finds pieces from successful artists and extracts the ideas he
likes, and then with a unique inventiveness, puts together new mixes of sounds
and genres.

Rounds has had a
relative amount of success that leads us to ask what he hopes to do in the
future. It goes without saying that the unsigned acts of Ottis, as well as
Rounds' solo material would inevitably liked to be picked up by a label. As a
songwriter, Rounds would love to write tunes for other musical acts. Building
up the Brad Rounds Sounds Studio is an immediate work in progress, where he
hopes to help other musicians by providing sound engineering and recording

The ....Los Angeles.... market has been kind to Rounds
in his first few years here and he has taken advantage of the many
opportunities that have arisen. With a strong singing voice, solid writing
skills, and a very appealing grace in his features, Rounds should have no problem
making a success of his music and talents. Soon you will be able to catch him
playing out with his solo act as well as the group Ottis. Check them out at ottissound and Brad Rounds at Rounds' solo
EP "Lights" is available on iTunes. - Derdre Loy


1.) "Lines Blurred And Confused"(2003 Ep Release)
(no airplay)

2.) "Lights"(2008 Ep Release)

3.) OTTIS EP "Lifeless"(2008 Ep Release)

4.) "Sing To A Lullaby"(2009 Sng. Release)
(airplay in the works)



Since the age of seven, Brad Rounds, now twenty-three, has been a musical enthusiast and a natural public performer. Growing up in San Luis Obispo County, Brad honed his natural musical talents with a wide range of performance experiences including: taking on roles in school musicals as well as singing and studying in jazz, opera, and choirs for over a decade. His love of musical studies eventually led him to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Music with a classical vocal concentration from a Cal State University.
By the age of twelve, Brad found his influences in the work of many popular artists in the early to mid-nineties. In particular, Brad took notice of the “British Post Rock” sounds of Oasis, Blur, and The Verve. Like many others, he was also inspired by the powerful choruses, lyrics, and melodic lines of icons such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and the captivating yet heartbreaking sounds of The Beach Boys.
As a young teen Brad began experimenting musically; learning to extract and skew what he heard on the radio every day and making a creation that was all his own. Finding himself engulfed in an atmospheric-alternative-indie-rock-pop sound, he developed himself in his music and found his true calling.
Beyond his formal education, Brad has further had his hands deep in the music industry, working with musical professionals such as Dave Marino, (Puddle of Mudd drummer) and CEO Stephan Villanueva of Castle Studios. Recently, Brad performed on five different occasions for VH1’s Celebrity Sober House in the summer of 2008, which subsequently led to an appearance on the pilot episode of Andy Dick’s program, You Don’t Know Dick.

-“I have to say one of the best performances I have ever experienced was in the Andy Dick Black Box Theatre on Sunset in Hollywood, just me and my acoustic guitar, in front of all the cast and crew of Vh1’s Celebrity Sober House; seven cameras!”
-Brad Rounds

He has also signed with Sutton Music Group for radio promotion, which will provide airplay for Brad’s newest released song “Sing to a Lullaby” and possibly music from the 2008 EP release, “Lights”. Sutton music Group will be starting with 45 NPR Stations throughout the United States, with primary locations in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.
Brad’s albums, “Lines Blurred and Confused” (2003), “Lights” (2008), “Sing To A Lullaby” (2009) and a new album of previously unreleased material are available on iTunes, Napster, and all other sites listed below. Also be sure to check out the latest article by Deirdre Loy in Valley Scene Magazine titled “Brad Rounds."