Brad Senne

Brad Senne

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Energetic and compassionate, Senne’s songs leave fans smiling, shaking and daydreaming over melodies that are both brilliant and natural.


Growing up on the outskirts of a small farming community in Southern Minnesota Brad Senne spent the majority of his
youth immersed in hardcore and punk rock. He went on to play in a multitude of bands eventually gaining notoriety for his
hardcore band Picturesque in the late 1990's after signing with Trustkill Records. He decided to branch out and with more
freedom as a songwriter he started playing his own brand of solo acoustic folk rock. His expanding vocabulary drew
upon the musical influences of his heroes Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, Iron and Wine, Wilco, and Muddy Waters. Senne's
blend of hypnotic, breathy indie pop showcases his stripped-down compositions. In 2009 Mike Boeser of Grain Belt
Records signed Senne and in 2010 will re-release the 2009 album Aerial Views. The album received raved reviews and
was voted a top 10 album of the year by The Onion - A.V. Club in the Twin Cities. Aerial Views has two new songs and
has been re-mixed with added instrumentation by Ben Durrant of Crazy Beast Studios (Andrew Bird, Roma di Luna).
Senne plays almost all instruments on this album including guitar, bass, piano and keyboards, resulting in 11 songs that
range from simple finger-picking guitar ballads to lush instrumental arrangements.
"With his ethereal voice and keen sense of beauty and melody, Senne creates the kind of ghostly magicthat Bon Iver and Nick Drake
did before him." The Onion - A.V Club - Twin Cities
"Simply put, Aerial Views is a must-own album for fans of indie folk, and it's a highly listenable album that can be played again and
again without wearing out its welcome." Minneapolis City Pages
"With a haunting but harmonious voice à la Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold and a Nick Drake/Elliott Smith acoustic style, Minneapolis
folkie Brad Senne could well be on his way to an indie buzz." Minneapolis Star Tribune
"His voice is particularly effective: Ethereal and wispy, he seems to be singing in a voluminous cave. His blues-influenced, strippeddown
compositions share common sonic ground with Nick Drake and Beck, but to limit Senne to this territory would be to short-change
him. Aerial Views shows a mature and gifted songwriter coming into his own." The Onion


Sing & Dance

Written By: Brad Senne

Dance little lady don't say maybe whoa whoa
Sing little birdy with a flurry of notes

Oooo La La La.....

It's enough to make you feel
Doing backflips in your head til you feel ill
Feel the comfort, cushions of the sparks
Pushin pedals deep into my heart

Oooo La La La.....

Stroll with the current
There's no hurry whoa whao
Glide like the wings of the bells that ring

Oooo.... La La La....


Brad Senne self-title 2003
Oddities 2008
The Shapes That Shift Us 2008
Aerial Views 2009