Brad Walk

Brad Walk

 Sandusky, Ohio, USA

Brad Walk explores the lush and dark side of acoustic alternative with a powerful voice that ranges from a low murmur to a loud and bluesy high growl.


Brad Walk's new album "Play Time", his second solo record,  plays to your emotions. He combines something of the styles of Eddie Vedder, Damien Rice and Elliot Smith with a little bit of delta blues, an experienced alternative rock sensibility, and an ear for backing vocals and guitar arrangements.

The influences are as wide-ranging as the sounds and include blind melon, mogwai, radiohead, pearl jam, son house, and many more. His live shows are sometimes intimate coffee-house affairs, and sometimes full-band shows in major club venues with national acts. As comfortable in the studio as he is in front of a crowd, Brad is ready for every opportunity that comes his way.

His past projects include Latticesphere Records recording artists, "Riven" and accomplished alternative Clevelanders "thousand year echo"

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The Lights

Written By: Brad Walk

just forget your friends
they're wrapped in broken glass
just forget the others
dying on the grass
can't tell me what's hurt
it's locked inside your brain
staring back at me
staring back at me

(walk inside a world that's broken)
and just stay with me now
reflect into my face
all the lights that will burn my eyes
every day

like the walking wounded
staggering into black
have to feel the tap of
time upon my back
have to concentrate to
keep the fear the pain
from bleeding into me
bleeding into me

hang the silence over me
in stillness

it's only my soul


"tethered and unfussable" -Brad's new release and his first solo acoustic album!

"Voices" -indie label release with hard rock band "Riven"

"Midnight Mecca" -early e.p. release of rock and acoustic tunes with band "Walk"

"Cleveland Rockers for Life 2007" -song "the lights" included in this drunk driving awareness charity cd

Set List

-originals- a one hour, fifteen minute set is available. including,

leave the light on
souls apart
pulse and spark
the lights
blanket of stars
on your way
perfect answer
the impulse
on you
perfect fifth
And always some new tunes!!

also, cover tunes by
damien rice
ray lamontagne
blind melon
the verve
ben harper
elliot smith
the white stripes
johnny cash
pearl jam
new order
the pixies
And more for a much longer set!