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Gitrdun Gun Club

Written By: Brad Watkins, Soren Campbel

Gitrdun Gun Club

Brad Watkins/Soren Campbell

Copyright 2013

Gitrdun Gun Club

We're a group of guys at the Church of Christ

Bout as tight as ol boys can get

We love gettin together and we love shootin cans

And helpin people in a pinch

Mark fixes cars and Hank's good with paint

And Joe will even mow your grass

But if you shatter our glass in the middle of the night

We ain't gonna cut you no slack

Gitrdun Gun Club

We were depositin our paychecks at the Farmers Bank

When a ski mask made a withdrawal

We shoved our pistols in the back of his head

And informed him he was brakin the law

Sometimes a burglar needs a BOOM BOOM

To make him run and scare him half to death

And if that don't work and he's still a jerk

Sometimes he'll need a little lead

Gitrdun Gun Club

A band of masked bandits raided the coop

So we set a Remington trap

The thieves showed up and the shootin commenced

They made 3 nice coon skin caps

And the deer this year thought that Granny's garden

Was a midnight all you can eat

So she called us up and now the does and bucks

Are a freezer full of meat

Gitrdun Gun Club

Lock and load y'all BOOM DONE

Smith & Wesson BOOM DONE

Deer for dinner BOOM DONE

Cabella's BOOM DONE

Three coon caps BOOM DONE

Bank robber BOOM DONE

Fulla bullet BOOM DONE

Everybody say BOOM DONE

Gitrdun Gun Club

Ol long-haired Keith he was havin an affair

With a lady sellin Maybelline

We had her house surrounded with our shotguns loaded

And we fired em at the count of 3

And out come Keith at the speed of heat

He come a flyin past our line of trucks

His face was white like he had seen a ghost

His hair was down but his pants were up

Gitrdun Gun Club

Loada chamba onna BOOM DONE

Pullatriggahona BOOM DONE

Double barrel BOOM DONE

Pump action BOOM DONE

Camo britches BOOM DONE

Sunglasses BOOM DONE

Galatians 6:10 BOOM DONE

Everybody say BOOM DONE

Gitrdun Gun Club