Brad Whitley

Brad Whitley


Powerful vocals, meaningful lyrics, an acoustic guitar that fills out the sound like an orchestra and songs that get stuck in your head for months at a time.


Brad Whitley started up on guitar at age 11. Armed with little more than pre-teen delusions and four chords he started his onslaught on the world in the greater NYC area. Now, 13 years later and based just outside of DC, he is continuing his eventual take-over of mainstream American radio. Powerful vocals and crazy guitar skills turn his solo acoustic performances into arena-ready rock n roll shows.


Long Ride

Written By: Brad Whitley

Its a long ride down to Winston
Ive been resting for hours
Feel the bite of bitter winds
And the sting of frozen showers
Another trip means another room
Another rock hard bed
Though they provide a place for me to sleep
Its no place to rest my head
I get down on my knees and I scream
Wrestle with my faith
Throw stones, breaking bones
All seems so commonplace
And my eyes they sing a song
And my soul, it sings along

Its another lonely night in Winston
Another night for me to sit alone
As I stare at the walls
Hear the sounds of echoes in the dark
This is not my home
I know it

Theres a concert hall down the street
As I saunter up to the bar
Ive had dreams of playing here
dreams can only carry me so far
I have seen this crowd before
As they scream and as they cheer
Eyes are focused up upon the stage
Their hearts are drowned in their beer
And the crowd it sings a song
And I start to sing along

I know there are winds of change
But why do they carry me so far
Feel the cold on the intersection
Here I am still frozen in my car
And my engine sings a song
All the people sing along

This is not my home

Letter You Sent Me

Written By: Brad Whitley

So I just found this old letter you sent me
Just thought Id go back and take a look
At where you quote your favorite line
from between pages 8 and 9
of your favorite childrens book
And Im reading this old letter you sent me
I can still smell your perfume up in the air
The smell of jasmine and pine
its like youre reading my mind
All on spiral notebook paper

And it reads just like Ive read a thousand times
And makes me the monster I am

So Ill check out this old letter you sent me
When you wished me well at everything I do
Im recalling the times
When we used to share rhymes
Now I share them all without you

So Ill respond to this old letter that you sent me
But I just tore it up to throw away
But I guess that this song
Is just a letter of my own
Everything I always wanted to say


Written By: Brad Whitley

Edgar got drunk at the showcase on Tuesday
2 free drink tickets
Some shots on the side
So when I got a toast from drunk Edgar on Tuesday
I knew it would be one hell of a night
Edgar stepped up to the microphone Tuesday
Drink in each hand
A stumble and smile
And he sang the wrong words in the mic on a Tuesday
But we didnt care, this was our kind of guy

And hey, hey, hey we sang
"Whats Goin On" on Tuesday
Hey, hey, hey
Who's got the next round for tonight
Hey, hey, hey we'll stay
Until last call on Tuesday
Share a drink with Edgar
Again next Tuesday night

Josh got fed up at the showcase on Tuesday
Cause Edgar was blitzed and forgot to get paid
Billy left his guitar at the showcase on Tuesday
So now we're all broke and drunk and got nothing to play

So when you see Edgar at the showcase on Tuesday
Buy the man a drink and you tell him I say hi
I miss being a part of the showcase on Tuesday
Cause now on Wednesday mornings
I remember Tuesday night


4 Song Demo
Available for download @

Set List

So Im Told
Letter You Sent Me
Long Ride
Until Tomorrow
On My Way
Let Me Go

Molly (Sponge)
Green & Dumb (Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers)
Waiting, Watching, Wishing (The Push Stars)
Loud (Matt Nathanson)
Brian Wilson (Barenaked Ladies)
Wild Irish Rose (The Push Stars)
Everything Falls Apart (Dogs Eye View)