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No air play at the time. I have not inquired about radio play.
I do not know of any contact to do so. Can you help? :-)
I'm at the beginning stages of this area of music production.
Perhaps this will advance in God's time when the time is right.



The lyrics I write are for giving God the glory and to worship Him alone. That is my purpose for singing and writing music. I believe that a well written song can teach scripture through the words, and allow the Holy Spirit to work through God's word as the bible says it will do about itself.

I'm a farm boy originally from ontario Canada. I grew up in a musical family, taking piano lessons as a kid along with my 2 sisters.
I enjoyed piano, but if the choice was left up to me as a youngster, I would not of been my instrument of choice.
My parents realized this and bought me a guitar for Christmas when I was young. I learned a little within a year or so, and then began to associate with a bad influential crowd, and began to dabble in drugs and alcohol.
In that time I pawned the guitar my parents bought for me, off for party money! I deserted God and went my own way for years.

When I would go to secular concerts with my party buddies, I would always dream of playing music, but I had no idea that it would some day be for giving God the Glory.
When my dad who loved the Lord with all of his heart passed away from cancer in 2000, my life changed for the better in many ways.
Seeing a loved one leave this world to be with their creator has a way of making a person think on their own life in an eternal perspective.
I started to go to church again, but I still messed with drugs and the party scene, but I never fully gave my life to Jesus at that time.

One day in 2002 I was riding my R1 Yamaha motorcycle and was going as fast as it would go as I did often, (around 300km p/hr) and a car pulled out in front of me and I T-boned it! At that moment I felt the Holy Spirit speak to my heart saying "if you keep living this way Brad, you will go to Hell!"
I gave my life to Jesus in the hospital bed as I lay in pain with all the road rash.
I had often told myself as I lived a life apart from God, that I would always come back someday, and I always told God,..(as many do) later, just let me live this way a bit longer...
But I see He called me at His time, and I finally decided to listen to that call.

My (widowed at the time) mother, told me that she would pay for me to go to bible school.
She wanted me to grow in the Lord, and wanted to steer me away from the influence that the friends I had at the time, had on me where I was, which was very bad.
So I took her up on the offer and went off to Briercrest Bible college in Saskatchewan Canada.
This is where I noticed that music had a place in my life.

The more I grew in the Lord there at school, the more I could see that I wanted to lead others in worship through music.

I took part in some really great musical worship experiences at this school that I will never forget.
It was then that I prayed for God to give me opportunities to get involved in, and to give me the courage to sing and play guitar for Him, and that I would do it to the best of my abilities.

Guitar classes and song writing classes, and voice lessons became a part of my semester, along with bible classes, and I thank God for some great teachers that still inspire me through memories of schooling to this day.

I was around 22 years old at this time, and my home town church welcomed me into a worship band that was just starting when I came home for the summer.
This group was very new, and was undecided as to who would lead it, and as practices went on it ended up being me.

Through this I met a man who played the drums for this group who loves the Lord & who also became a great friend.
He happened to have his own recording studio in his home and played at different events but needed an additional guitar player and singer.

He invited me over to talk about what the Lord has done in our lives & get to know each other, and
we started to play together here and there.
Before long we played together often for some youth for Christ events, and town fairs, and other music opportunities.
I loved leading young people into song, and worship.

The band "Casting Crowns" have been a big influence on me due to Mark Hall's great talent/gift of writing lyrics. His song writing "style" has encouraged me in my song writing and changed my perspective on different methods of writing.
Another BIG influence on me now is "Lincoln Brewster" with his great talent/gift of song writing, and also his amazing ability to play guitar and sing. Wow, what an inspiration!

In 2007 I moved to Saint James Missouri USA where my wonderful wife Melissa is from.
I began to lead worship at a local church here full time in 2007 until July 2008.

Lately I have been focusing more on some youth rallies and worship events with the youth, and enjoy it very much.

Our next generation depends on us to pass the torch on to them.
I will continue to minister where God has doors open.

I play the drums every