Brady Cole

Brady Cole


Brady Cole formed 3 years ago. Influenced by a wide range of artists including the chord tricks of the Beatles, Nirvana and Oasis through to the melodies of the Who, Small Faces and Live, Brady Cole have developed their own sound.


After recording a number of demo's in their project studio and having appeared on various radio stations and SKY Television twice, Brady Cole started to receive positive feedback from both the UK and the USA . It became clear that the songs were good enough but the recordings were lacking production. After consulting a number of top industry people the band took the decision to get a loan and book themselves into Central Sound Recording Studios in Glasgow to work with producer, Kevin Burleigh.

Kevin has recorded and produced many of the Simple Minds albums and has worked with other artists such as “The Super Naturals”. The band worked closely with Kevin for 10 days on the recording and production in order to create three album quality tracks which were then mixed at Eldon Street Recording Studios by Kevin and Stuart McCredie. Between everyone involved, it was decided to keep the mixes tight, punchy and very dry in order to emphasize the performance of the band. The result was powerful and unique with great guitar sounds.

Finally, the tracks were mastered by engineer Den Smith at Heathman's Mastering in London . Having worked with Bob Geldof, Aqualung and regularly for Warner Brothers and The Sanctuary Group, this was the finishing touch to a successful recording.

Brady Cole now feel they have shown their commitment to how much they want to succeed. They are very much a live band and are determined, with hard work, to get to the top. They have a sound that appeals to all genres and as Todd Smith of the Cutting Edge Magazine (USA) said “This band are very, very special. Watch this space – these guys are on the verge of ruling the charts”……


Illness of Hype EP