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"Brady Cole O2 Arena London"

First of all I want to let you in on a secret in the world of ‘rock’, and their name is Brady Cole. Hailing from ‘sunny’ Scotland this four-piece, rock music-making machine have the talent, personality and music to be as big as the Foo’s. They are currently unsigned but this won’t be for long after witnessing their incredible performance on stage at the O2 last night.

Opening to an audience of 20,000 fans, (the majority of whom have most likely never heard of you or your music) must be quite a daunting task for a band, but if Brady Cole were nervous they certainly didn’t show it. After being personally invited by none other than Mr Foo himself; Dave Grohl, to support the Fighters on their UK arena tour Brady Cole had everything to play for. Opening with a powerfully gritty track of fantastic melodic-rock the band instantly reveal to the audience why they were chosen to perform on this tour. They were bursting at the seams with energy, they oozed enthusiasm out of every pore and the crowd was drinking it up. A sea of heads began nodding, feet were tapping and comments of ‘these guys are seriously good’ started circulating. As Brady Cole launched into their next pumped up rock track the dynamics and tightness of the band became clear; they know who they are and what they do, and they do it bloody well.

Brady Cole are colourful and varied, they are passionate and talented and without doubt the have the material to make a serious impact. Before the band launch into their final track of the night they invite Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins to the stage to join in with the backing vocals to their only cover, ‘Teenage Kicks’. If it wasn’t obvious before that the crowd loved the Brady Cole sensation, there was no denying they were now. As hands flailed and bodies jumped, the final chords rung out and the band left the stage to an abundance of cheers and screams. Their set seems to pass in the blink of an eye and I for one am going to be first in the queue at their next gig, I somehow don’t think I’ll be alone!

"Brady Cole Live Review"

Scottish band Brady Cole is an act that has strong links to the Foo Fighters. Having supported them in the UK back in 2005 at the request of none other than Dave Grohl who discovered them via their myspace page, they have even managed to record one of their EP's at the Foo's very own Studio 606. Not bad really for a band that are as yet signed.

Stopping only to ask a very unhelpful English crowd how Scotland were doing in tonight's football, Brady Cole managed to deliver a highly polished yet entirely raw set. Mixing the addictive melodic rock of The Who with the gritty distortion of Led Zeppelin the Fife band capture the heart of classic rock, giving it a modern spin that is instantly likeable and unavoidably contagious. With chugging guitar riffs merging with a bass that happily shake's every bone in your body with old fashioned rock and roll sleaze at its very core, tracks like 'Remember Your Manners' and 'Wide Eyed Devil' stomp past with the gruff growl of Steve Calvert adding the finishing touches to a perfect formula.

For many bands facing a wave of Foo Fighter fans would be somewhat daunting and whilst Brady Cole may not openly embrace conversationally connecting with the crowd there is little doubt that their mix of classically laced rock and roll won over many a new fan. Bringing the right amount of rock sleaze with plenty of stomping beats and hook fuelled tracks, Brady Cole were like a breath of fresh air. Let's hope it's not long before more follow in Grohl's footsteps and wake up to the rock genius of Brady Cole.

"Brady Cole Live at SECC Glasgow"

SECC, Glasgow, Fri 9 Nov

If you want to make Dave Grohl a happy man, listen to Brady Cole. Inexplicably, the Foo Fighters’ shouter-in-chief has heard tell of the Kinghorn quartet, and seems to be on a one-man crusade to make them famous. This was their second support slot with the Foos in the last couple of years, and they’ve also opened for Grohl’s buddies Eagles of Death Metal.

It turns out Grohl has good (if predictable) taste, because Brady Cole are a fun band, playing balls-out, straight-down-the-line rock, with lead singer Steve Calvert’s impressive voice perching somewhere between Steve Tyler and John Fogarty on the yell-ometer. Tracks like ‘Remember Your Manners’ and ‘Reclaim Your Youth’ unashamedly ape early Aerosmith, AC/DC and Kiss, but the odd nod to Oasis reminds us of their roots.

Also, refreshingly, you aren’t likely to see a less affected stage manner. Reminding the crowd that they were supporting the Foos at the O2 Arena in London eight days later, right after the Scotland-Italy game, Calvert sniffs that it should be ‘an interesting gig’. It’s a gift for understatement that doesn’t extend to the music. (David Pollock)
- The List Magazine

"Brady Cole EP Review"

Watch this space. This will be a serious case of “I told you so.” Brady Cole could very well be the next BIG thing to come out of the Brit-Pop scene. Forged in wide-open riffs and huge harmonies the Scottish (Kingdom of Fife) four-piece are on the verge of ruling the charts. This teaser EP contains only four tracks put sometimes that’s all you need to know that what you’re listening to is very, very special.

First track in “Rented Teenage Years” has a Faces riff with a Kinks harmony. The voice of lead singer Steve Calvert fits his tough guitar playing and is perfectly suited as an arena performer. Guitarist Kris Barclay is right next to him pushing with shards of garage-edge chords. The two open up just wide enough for bassist Alex Burrell and drummer Sean Crossan to inject a thick rhythm section giving their sound a seminal texture last heard on Jet’s sophomore outing.

“Sentimental George” really gets the whole thing going as the twin-guitars drive a catchy melody crashing occasionally for effect. The chunky groove of “Talk Of The Town” weaves in and out of quite verse before cranking through a hypnotic chorus. There is a ring of Live, Better Than Ezra and Tonic in the mix. All bets are off then the boys kick into “Chancers.” - Lord have mercy, this ones a killer setting up an in-your-face guitar kick over a thundering rhythm section. It all rolls out with exquisite craft. Check their website for seven new songs and the video for “Illness Of Hype”.
- The Cutting Edge


Brady Cole EP 2006
Illness Of Hype EP 2004 (for Streams) and to view a video of us onstage at the O2 Arena with Dave Grohl joining us

We have had various radio/online radio play including:

XFM Scotland
Broadcast Asylum (USA)
BBC Radio
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Brady Cole are a four piece rock band hailing from Fife, Scotland who are intent on the survival of good music. Drawing from a range of influences such as the solid drive of AC/DC, the riffs of Led Zeppelin, the melodies of Oasis and Nirvana and the live energy of The Who, the band have managed to mould a sound of their own that sets them apart from others. The band have just come off tour with the Foo Fighters where they played arenas including the MEN, Manchester, SECC, Glasgow and O2, London. Having done it unsigned and with no management, it was a remarkable achievement for the band and the response they had from the Foo's fans was excellent leaving a huge market for the band. With Dave Grohl praising the band, on previous dates, he joined them onstage with Taylor Hawkins for a song at the O2 Arena. Brady Cole are now actively seeking a label/management and are open to offers.