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Written By: Brady Kitchingham


A little bit of havoc
For the young
A tiny bit of panic
For my alter-ego & I know
Everything you do is a desperate cry for help.

I once thought it was
time for a hero to do things right.
but this costume chokes this man
it’s just too tight.
This bright blue savior of mine
Is enough to win my fights.

& I cant tell you
what I’ve been doin at night
& my cape fades away
when I’m underneath your streetlight.
in this city that I somehow
save every god damn night.

We once thought that we were safe
Inside these lines that we both drew,
Now I’m losing who I am and if I can’t save me, who will save you?
I once wanted to be alone
But I can’t do this on my own
Coz I’ve got everything to lose.

I’m a liar,
A deceiver.
I just tell her I love her
So that I can leave her
& pray for my better half
to save her wasted life.

& I’ll let her fall in love
with the man I’m not
coz that’s exactly who I am;
A faker with a mask & some useless abilities.
Think of the possibilities.


Maybe I’m not the hero
you’ve all been waiting for
what if I’m a villain in disguise

& What if I lie to you
I’m made of more than red & blue
But much less than what you think

Maybe I should hang up my cape & call it a day
But I’ve still got something to say!



Written By: Brady Kitchingham


Pressure creates diamonds
What do u want to be when this is through?
Just wait till this is over
I’ve always wanted to say that to you
You’re still in my head
You’ve made my memory run cold
But you’ve made my heart glow
& All that glitters is gold

& You all glitter to me


And I hope it was worth all your time
Its more than a read through I hope
To you
It was all so sublime
Its not gonna leave you

They teach us to dream
Then they tell us to listen
If I didn’t know better
I’d say they didn’t know what it means to dream

And I hope it was worth all your time
Its more than a read through I hope
To you
It was all so sublime
It’s not gonna leave you

Don’t wait around here anymore
The day has come & passed
Stop thinking like that kid
You gotta stay here till the last
Perhaps you’ll look back on this later
You’ll say
“It was like a dream that didn’t last”
But this one dream made you stronger
& At the time it didn’t seem so fast


Pay attention to the message that you’re fed
I’d paint a picture with my head
I’d hang it on my wall
& Hope to god it never falls
& This was only one more test
& It’s okay if you got it wrong
It’s just one more piece of paper
And your picture’s yet to be drawn

& I hope
It was worth all your time
It’s more than a read through I hope
To you it was all so sublime
Its not gonna leave you I hope.


Written By: Brady Kitchingham


The keepsake that you gave me
doesn’t keep me warm anymore, warm from the cold
the scent of you that surrounds me
can’t keep me safe from the storm
I’m growing too old
I remember everything;
from the colour of the skies, to the raindrops in your eyes.
You said to me it was enough,
but somehow I think you lied.

I wipe my tears with the gift that you gave me
when you’re not around nothing seems to amaze me
and if I could have one wish and know that it would come true
it’s you
it’s you
it’s you.

The memento you made me
cannot protect me from pain
I’m going insane
it seems it’s been years since you left me.
Now my hope’s been restored
Coz you’re coming home.
I am scared of the thought of losing you
if I tell you how I feel.
But every man gets to the point where he doesn’t care.

And I wipe my tears with the gift that you gave me
the smell of you controls my bravery
if someone said that I’m in love, I can’t say that it’s not true.
It’s you
it’s you
it’s you.

She knows, she knows. I hope that she knows.
Oh I wish she knew.

I wipe my tears with the gift that you gave me
If I ever fell, girl I would want you to save me
Well here I am, scared to death.
Catch me coz I’m falling through
It’s you
It’s you
It’s you

You and me love, you and me
I wipe my tears.