Hawthorne, New Jersey, USA

Bradykynin's music (pronounced "Brady k-eye-nin") will forever have a place in music history as a force that will entice, relax, make you anxious, give you drive, and make you want to listen over and over again. Their music will take you places that you have never been to before and make you want to come back again repeatedly. This drone-rock/trip-pop band does not produce a wall of sound, but a waterfall of sound. Soft, innocent vocals, a steady bass line, melodic guitars, and dynamic drums, ma


With so much rock music coming out of New Jersey, it is refreshing to have a new sound arrive on the scene. That is what Bradykynin offers with their self-titled LP. Listed as Trip-Hop, Indie, Drone Rock, Bradykynin is actually harder to describe when trying to just pick a genre or three. With an almost classic Pink Floyd sound at times on tracks like "Receptor". Then more of an Alternative rock sound with tracks such as "Iwatamoto" that can also be described as New Wave at times. As has become quite popular lately with many artists, Bradykynin pushes the barriers of being labeled with a specific genre. This can only be a plus in today's world of music, as music lovers tend to look for that "something different" factor in the bands they follow.
Bradykynin are a three-piece band, but their music sounds like there is definitely more than three members. With Lew Confrancesco on lead vocals and bass, Mike Cairoli on guitar and Brian Csencsits on drums, Bradykynin has emerged with a mellow sound that also makes you want to move. A great contradiction in sounds, as you can listen while relaxing on a long car ride, or while hosting a house party. They have managed to create a sound that eclipses time with this self-titled LP. At some points sounding very much like an old classic rock song from the 70's, while maintaining a firm grasp on a more contemporary level. This fusion of sounds also makes it very hard to classify the band to specific group of genres, never mind just one. As some may describe it as a fresh new sound with a nostalgic vibe, Bradykynin brings a new element to the table with this album.


LP Bradykynin self titled released 2000- streaming tracks available online through reverbnation, facebook, myspace and bandcamp.

EP "The Lights Are Out" released 2012- streaming tracks available online through reverbnation, facebook, myspace and bandcamp. Tracks from the release are played on Jango radio and XRP radio UK.

Set List

Catch The Fly
Plain Jane
Nevada Hut