Detroit, Michigan, USA

From the throne of a drummer, to standing behind a cocktail drum kit, Brandon"Brae"Husken has gone from the back of the stage to the front. Chord shape permutations of sacred geometry, catchy melodies, rhythm centric song writing approach; the music is thoughtfully crafted much like paint to canvas.


Opportunity, new beginnings, and fresh perspective, were things that propelled Brandon Husken from the back of the stage sitting behind the drums to standing behind the drums up front. Brandon ‘Brae” Husken spent years as a drummer in Michigan’s music scene before growing weary from yet another failed musical endeavor. That’s when he decided to change his musical direction and began songwriting and composing music in a more personal setting. Songs began to flow, which turned the idea of beginning a solo career into a reality. Recruiting friends from other MI. based bands such as The American Secrets, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and others, to record and perform; Brae released Catch You In The End in Oct. of 2008 and followed that with Eating At The World in March of 2011. Having experimented with various approaches on creating the live show, some which have consisted of Husken playing only acoustic guitar and singing, to adding percussion instruments around him, to the eventual transformation which finds him standing in the front of the stage while playing a full drum kit and singing, experimentation has found the ideal solution that best fits this journey man percussionist. However, stability in a band line up continued to change, but was expected, until early spring of 2011. The band now consists of, Adam Serruys (acoustic/electric), Jason Warnke (keyboards), Jon Sheard (electric guitar) and Takashi Iio (bass). Plugging away together Brae has found a different level of stability and commitment, which prompted Husken to explore the idea of a more collaborative effort in song writing. The aforementioned musicians were recruited to help finish off what is set to be the third album entitled “Another Time and Place” and becomes the first Brae record to be recorded in more of a traditional band setting. While the vision and direction of Brae continues to be funneled through Husken, it is certainly clear that the band performing with him has facilitated it.


Catch You In The End (full length CD released 2008)

Eating at the World (full length CD released 2010)

Another Time and Place (full length CD released 2012)

Set List

That Was Then
Another Time and Place
Control Freak
After The Fall
Pomp and Circumstance
Come Back
The Tides
Flowers and Fair-Weather Friends
So You Want Out
The Veil
Loose Lips
Planks and Haystacks