Braille is an instrumental prog-psych band out of Youngstown, Ohio. The music is fast, technical, and can be quite intense at times. The sound of the band is accented with a cutting edge lightshow that creates an awe inspiring visual aspect as well.


Braille is an instrumental-prog-psych band based out of Youngstown, Ohio that started as a concept in the spring of 2006. Embracing avant-garde improvisational aspects of performance, Braille challenges audiences with their cosmic-math-rock stylings and on stage "freak-outs".
The band started out when childhood friends Anthony Cucitrone and Ian James got together and decided that they wanted to start a band that wasn't just another group that you might catch at a local bar on a Friday night, but something more. Something that would leave the listener with an artistic representation of their thoughts and emotions and an experience that wasn't to be forgotten. Also on board for the ride were Ians brother Evan James and a former band member of Anthonys, Bob Smirkansky. After what seemed like an eternity of writing music and searching for a bassist, they finally found another individual that was not only up to par with what they were doing musically, but shared the same mindset that created the band initially. This person was Bobs long time friend Josh Good. Due to time constraints, Evan and Bob both reluctantly ended up parting ways with the band but the three piece is now going stronger than ever and is setting the bar high.
Currently Braille is trying their hardest to wow the local music scene with a unique, high enery but still tight-knit live show and is working out a tour schedule for the summer of 2008.


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Set List

Our set is typically 45 minutes to an hour long depending on improv.