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"Serial Attractions Review"

Brain Box - Serial Attractions
Retox Records
Recorded at Zero Return Studios by Eli Akins
Mixed and produced by Matt Chenoweth
Mastered by Alex Lowe

Perhaps you've mused to yourself, while stuck in traffic or lost on some winding pine-studded highway, that what the Southern music scene really needs is a solid injection of third millennium lo-fi punk Elvis Costello-ism. If so, then you need to be listening to Brain Box, whose new album Serial Attractions offers skillful craft and a densely layered, deeply focused soundscape that breaks free of the hyper-tough modern rock standard. True to the vibrant tempo and punchy beats of their self-proclaimed punk roots, with a solid dose of the geek-chic rather than mohawk-and-safety-pin vibe, Brain Box serves up a truly enjoyable listening experience.

All three members of Brain Box provide vocals, resulting in some sweet Beatles-style harmonizing on several tracks. The album's lead-off track especially highlights Brain Box's musical inheritance from Elvis Costello, and the lead vocals maintain that connection throughout the album. Both lyrically and musically, the band brings to mind Weezer and the Squeeze. However, Brain Box clearly stays on the right side of the line between influence and imitation, and their own sound comes through on each track.

Brain Box's three-piece guitar, bass and drum set-up goes to show that complexity is best derived from simplicity. With ringing ska-punk guitar lines and some bright and brushy drumming, Brain Box maximizes the tone of every instrument while keeping the sound pared down and immediate. The three performers often part ways in mid-song, each one spiraling off on his own, creating small moments of glorious rock cacophony that add texture to the track and then fluidly twine back together. Matt Chenoweth's powerful guitar solos, in particular, soar out of several tracks into the lower reaches of the Hendrix stratosphere. The music was recorded all in one afternoon, and the album communicates the intimacy and exhilaration of such a session. Serial Attraction flows bouncily from track to up-tempo track, leaving listeners nodding along from start to finish. (Retox Records) -April Gentry - Southeast Performer Magazine

"Brain Box @ CorndogOrama"

...Thus fortified we headed back inside to catch Brainbox. This three-piece band features long-term scenester/drummer Eric Young. They also have strange instruments, like an 8-string bass (who has even heard of such a thing?), and a guitar with only half of a body! They make decent pop music.

Brainbox has changed, I think since I last saw them. They have a slight prog undertone to their music, although that may just be a side effect of the unusual instrumentation. I didn't hear all of their set, but the folks inside seemed quite appreciative of them. And the music I did hear worked well, and certainly demonstrate that the members of the band have undeniable talent.

Brainbox wins for "Most Interesting instruments. Check out this 8-string bass [Bruce] was using: (image in photo gallery)

The guitarist, Matt, also plays this strange guitar with only half of a body:(image in photo gallery) -


1. brain box - 10 songs (2003 retox records)
2. serial attractions - 13 songs (2005 retox records)
3. blotter - 12 songs - (in production - out in Sept)



Please visit for a great review of our set:

Evil Songe also gave up props for having the 'most interesting instruments' in Atlanta:

Matt's guitar is the first he ever purchased. He had it rebuilt completely up in Boston, stronger neck - Khaler tremolo - new finish. This SG was sitting in his living room when the Landlord burned the house down - the finish and headstock logo were singed badly. It has survived two trailers flipping over - one on the Mass Turnpike, one in Iowa City. But the top of the body fell off (bad glue) in Columbus Ohio when it fell out of a guitar stand. Later, in Atlanta, a friend accidentally knocked it out of a loading bay door. It fell 3 feet and bounced off the head stock - again, another little piece broke off there, too (bad glue). But the damn guitar sounds amaZing, and plays beautifully. It is a road warrior and has certainly gone the distance, having been played in well over 700 gigs. (picture in photos)

Here the Creative Loafing podcast interview from CorndogOgrama:

"Brain Box sounds like a modern day Elvis Costello and the Attractions, sans keyboards, along with a toned-down nasal vocal approach. This isn't pure imitation here" Punk Planet PP73

" need to be listening to Brain Box"
-April Gentry: Southeast Performer Magazine: Jan 06

read review in the 'Press' section.

brain box is happy to see 'serial attractions' CD sales mounting on-line through CDbaby, and from download sites like MusicNet and iTunes.

brain box had a great time playing the 7th Annual Heart of Texas Quadrupal Bypass Rock Fest! in Austin TX, March 15-18. It was a nice tour and we made a lot of fans and friends along the way.

brain box is proud to have 'i won't let you' added to - online indie radio. check it out here:

Brain Box is musical food for a hungry mind. Not the pop/rock/indie/alt junk food that condemns the future of music to a disgusting lazy obesity on 10th generation unimaginative garbage. This stuff is a royal feast of creative intensity and intellectual punch. The bands arrangements are seductive and inviting, revealing layer upon layer of emotional energy. Chenoweth’s lyrics explore the serenity of independence, or expose the irony of blase poseurs and black-hearted treachery, or the hilarious consequences of bad timing, all with ease and style. This emotional baggage is really a lot of fun to go through.

Matt, Eric and Bruce play with an infectious energy that explodes from the stage, blending country, punk, rock and indie/alt seamlessly. Vocal harmonies float effortlessly over the the blood and rush of the music.

The new Brain Box album: Serial Attractions was released in Oct 2005 to local acclaim. The album is incredibly popular on myspace, and has been well recieve in the download digital world as well. It has been hailed as the best recording to come out of Zero Return studios in 2005. Brain Box is supporting this album booking shows throughout the SE, and with radio promotions (College and SE stations).

The new CD is already deep into production and the songs are amazing. This will be a mile stone album for the music community in Atlanta - a 2nd brilliant full length recording within 12 months.

The Band has played bills with Hotel Lights, Tommy Stinson, Sondre Lerche, the Golden Republic, Built Like Alaska, Maganapop, The Honored Guests, De Novo Dahl, Sovus Radio, the Capsules, the Goodies, Jetty, and many more.

More songs are available on our web site: