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Watchin and waiting.

Nick Wrote..

I have produced and recorded with a variety of pure talent.Mark Scott (Cher), TJ Davis,
(Sash/D:Ream/Gary Numan/Bjorn Again), Steve Hogarth ( Marillion...

just picked up your mis understood and jd house mixes...oh guys are so cool...why no deal and release yet.sounds so much like every great hit i hear on radio...worried that you will keep getting better and better and finally explode

continued good luck Nick Van Eade -


A song for Sarah
From the archive, first published Thursday 6th Jun 2002.
The uncle of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne Paul Williams asked Mark Scott if he could write a song for Sarah Payne , on behalf of the payne family and its abtly called Sarah's World.

Mark was distraught when he learnt of Sarah's murder and took his mother to pay their respects at the spot Sarah's body was found near Pulborough.
His mother June was one of hundreds who laid a floral tribute at the side of the road.
When June died, he wrote the beginnings of a song for her, a song that has now been developed into Sarah's World.
Mark, who has been writing songs for 20 years, lives in East Grinstead and was educated at the local Imberhorne School, which was then run by his late father, headteacher Ken Scott OBE.
He went on to dance school in London and later took up a modelling career, appearing in TV commercials for products including Coca Cola.
He never dreamed he would become involved in a national campaign to protect children.
He said: "Sarah's uncle Paul and I were colleagues but Sarah's tragic death brought us closer together.
"Paul learnt of my writing and asked me if I could come up with a song."
Mark followed the trial of Roy Whiting at Lewes Crown Court and his conviction in December for the kidnap and murder of the eight-year-old schoolgirl.
He said: "My partner Lana was pregnant and it brought the tragedy even closer to home to me. We all shed tears.
"Writing Sarah's World was very difficult, telling of Sarah's tragically short life and addressing the issue of children's safety and warning that the threat exists to every child."

Mark, who sings the song on the current CD version, will continue if no one can be found to take up the challenge.
The song will be launched at a fun day in memory of Sarah at Buckingham Park, Shoreham, on June 29.
Sarah's parents are also campaigning for a Sarah's Law, which would allow public access to files on paedophiles.
Mr Hodson said: "Mark got close to Sarah's uncle Paul and in his words and music has captured the spirit of an innocent girl and her mother's fight to get changes in the law. The family is firmly behind it."
The success of such a law being introduced in Northern Ireland had accelerated the campaign for one in Wales, Scotland and England.
Mr Hodson said: "We all feel passionately about Sarah's dreadful death and the need to protect children.
"We need vigilance but not vigilantism and I hope people will go out and buy the song to demonstrate their commitment to protecting children."
Sarah's uncle Paul Williams, of Upper Beeding, near Steyning, said: "We want to make children aware of the dangers and we believe the best way to reach them is through music."
The lyric to the song is:
I see you in heaven, I look inside those beautiful eyes, I feel you're in heaven, I look inside your beautiful eyes.
Where heaven fills our long goodbyes, Where my heart cried a thousand times, Where love and laughter never die, Where all the angels in the sky.
Where heaven fills our long goodbyes, Where Sarah's Law will never die, Where all the angels in the sky, Where love and laughter never die.
Sarah's in heaven, Let's make a change, In our world.
Sarah's in heaven, I look inside your beautiful eyes.
Where heaven fills our long goodbyes, Where my heart cried a thousand times, Where love and laughter never die, Where all the angels in the sky.
Where heaven fills our long goodbyes, Where Sarah's Law will never die, Where all the angels in the sky, Where love and laughter never die.
Open the window and smile at the sun in your eyes girl, Silently watching the world passing by from my window, When the stars call out your name, I can see your face again, I can see you in my dreams, In the world or so it seems.
Where heaven fills our long goodbyes, Where my heart cried a thousand times, Where love and laughter never die, Where all the angels in the sky.
Where heaven fills our long goodbyes, Where Sarah's Law will never die, Where all the angels in the sky, Where love and laughter never die.
So don't forget those hidden cries, Don't make those children have to hide, Should never, never have to hide.
Forgotten children should never hide, It matters so much.
Where heaven fills our long goodbyes, Where Sarah's Law will never die, Where love and laughter in the sky, Where angels spread their wings to fly.
Where heaven fills our long goodbyes, Where my heart's cried a thousand times, Where love and laughter never die, Where angels spread their wings to fly.
Don't forget why we should try, For the futures of our kind.
Don't let their hide, Don't let them cry.
So let the world stay aware, Of the dangers that we share.
I'll see you in heaven, It matters so much.
So don't forget those hidden cries, Don't let those children have to hide.
Don't let them hide, Don't let them cry.
There's so much we must learn, From the life that has been torn. - Press


Sarah Payne

Sarah Payne was kidnapped from her grandparent's house on July 1,2000 while playing with her brothers and sister in a nearby field area. 40 year old Roy Whitting pulled Sarah into his van and her body was found some months later. Roy Whitting was sentenced to prison. In honnor of Sarah's memory she had a song written about her by Mark Scott called "Sarah's World" and her parent's also helped come up with "Sarah's Law" in hopes to try to help save other children from the tragic fate their daughter suffered. The memory of little Sarah will never be forgotten and still lives on to this day.

Sarah Payne: October 31 1991-July 1 2000 - GOOGLE


Milly's parents urged to 'stay strong'

Michael and Sara Payne: Plea to Milly's parents

The mother of murdered eight-year-old Sarah Payne has spoke of her sympathy for the parents of missing Milly Dowler.

Sara Payne, whose daughter was abducted and killed in July 2000, said: "Milly's parents have shown tremendous strength but they must be being ripped apart inside."

She urged them to "stay strong and hopeful" as they endured the agonising wait for news of their 14-year-old daughter who has been missing for 100 days.

Mrs Payne was speaking at a fun day in West Sussex organised to mark the second anniversary of Sarah's disappearance and to launch a record backing a campaign to change the law relating to paedophiles.

Amanda Dowler: Missing since March
She said: "We had to wait 17 days for news on Sarah and that was bad enough.

"What they must be going through is a living hell. I don't how they are coping.

"I would say to them stay strong, stay hopeful and stay together."

Sarah's grandfather Brian Williams, a spiritualist minister, led prayers for Milly at the fun day in Shoreham, West Sussex.

Balloons released

Amanda Dowler, who was known as Milly to friends and family, vanished in March while walking home from the train station in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.
Eight-year-old Sarah was murdered in July 2000
Sarah's parents Sara and Michael, her brothers Lee and Luke and her sister Charlotte, now seven, then watched as 10 lilac balloons were released to mark the second anniversary of the youngster's disappearance on July 1, 2000.

The event, staged by the British Safe House Association, was chosen as the platform from which to launch a new song - Sarah's World - written to warn of the dangers posed by paedophiles, and to back the call for Sarah's Law.

The law would force authorities to tell residents of known paedophiles living near to their homes.

A spokesman for singer-songwriter Mark Scott, who also penned Cher's smash hit Believe, said: "It's a powerful song and the lyrics reflect the overwhelming need for us all to be aware of the dangers that face the nation's children."

For months Sara and Michael Payne have been urging Home Secretary David Blunkett to give the public access to the national sex offenders register.

22 Jun 02 | England
Milly's parents told: 'Expect the worst'

30 Apr 02 | N Ireland
Sarah's parents petition assembly

Internet links:

British Crime Survey 2001 (pdf)
Victims of Crime Trust

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Very Ibiza Mark, well done, let's get you out to my gigs this summer to
perform it to the crowds...............................



SharpSell London //


Pat Sharp say's of  'Sunset People',

Fan fuc*&$g tastic !!!!

That's the one,,, Monster hit single,
Congrats to all.................Wicked  hook!!!   

Pat Sharp London's Heart 1062 FM



Brainchild have featured tracks on the Whitair extreme sports DVD for 2006 and featured in the main Nokia sponsored event 2005.



For Mark Scott, music is not only a passion but also an extension of his very self. His lyrics are a reflection of his experiences, his spirituality and his struggle. His association with the music industry spans almost two decades and his creativity embraces song writing, producing and performing.

In the 1980's while working with his then partner Brian Higgins ( Girls' Aloud) ( Sugarbabes) a deal was put on the table complete with a record & video ready for release, but due to a change in senior management at Chrysalis Records, their band 'Anything You Want' was dropped.The Video is uploaded and can be viewed on this on this site.

Despite the disappointment he continued to write and create music, writing jingles for Capital Radio DJ's. Working in car sales, advertising sales, the fashion industry, club promotion, dance events, MTV commercials, aircraft loading and the usual nine till fivers, his passion and determination remained firm.

Mark has been a club promoter, initially promoting the 'Base' club in East Grinstead, putting both himself and the club firmly on the map. Organising some of the biggest nights in the South East, bringing the big names down (Judge Jules, John Digweed, Smokin jo and Lisa Loud to name a few) at the inception of the dance explosion. He then ran some of his own club nights - 'Raw' 'Release the Pressure' and the famous 'Slam At the Manor' (at a 15th Century manor house) and helped to promote the well known 'Joy'.

In 1992 at MEDAM he met Richard Ford of Profile Records when Brian and Mark were working as 'Rome'. They released two tracks -'Move Your Feet' which got to No.14 in the dance chart and 'Groover' which was remixed by major UK DJ, producer John Digweed.

'Rome' also worked with Nick Van Eade ('The Cutting Crew') and the late great Kevin McMicheal. They collectively recorded and produced the very first version of 'Believe', the song that went on to be the No.1 bestselling hit for Cher.

After eight years Brian and Mark split in 1994.

Mark then met Martin Wyatt (Justin Hayward of Moody Blues, Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac) of Bright Music, who is now Mark's guide and recognized representation.

In 2002 ,the uncle of the murdered school girl Sarah Payne, Paul Williams, approached Mark with a request from the Payne family to write a song for Sarah. A father himself, it was no easy task to create a song that dealt with such a shocking event. Over a period of months, Mark got close to Paul and was able to absorb the emotions surrounding the family. In his words and music he has truly captured the spirit of an innocent girl and the mother's battle to push for a new law, similar to Megan's Law, called Sarah's Law. His creation is aptly named 'Sarah's World', and the video can be seen and heard on this site . It has touched the souls of those who have heard it - "it raises the hairs on the back of your neck" is a common response.The second single 'Goodbye' can be seen and heard on the video page on sonicbids.

In all of his songs his lyrics truly reflect the real issues of life - the real issues that affect everyone.

Mark then met Simon Alexander and Brainchild was born. Their new material has received a positive response.

They remain fully and totally committed to their cause and wish to get their songs heard in other countries and ultimately to get signed.