Braindead Romeo

Braindead Romeo

 Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN

BRAINDEAD ROMEO is a sonic adrenaline shot, straight to the heart. Hailing from Regina, SK, the band casts a wide net of influences and synthesizes them down to their purest state - searing guitar work, thunderous bass, hard-hitting rhythms, and raw and powerful vocals. Their two albums, Soul'd Out and White Noize City, are both testaments to this aesthetic.

Braindead Romeo believes that rock music is REAL. Rock music is ART. Rock music is POWER. Rock music is HONEST and PURE.


BRAINDEAD ROMEO is Regina's premier adrenaline rock band! Built from a core of razor-sharp guitar work and finely crafted songwriting (Brandt / Borgares), the BR sound is augmented with thunderous and melodic basslines (Howe) and funky precision drumming (Belle). Layered on top are the raw, maniac vocals of Andrew Brandt - bringing together a powerful and resonant rock sound that recalls the classics AND THEN builds on them.

Braindead's new (2014) full-length album WHITE NOIZE CITY further pushes the limits of the band's sound while maintaining focus and drive. It features many songs that have been road tested through the band's live set for years, which fans have demanded to be recorded.

BR's debit studio EP - Soul'd Out - is a blistering document of fine songwriting infused with a shot of adrenaline. With five rocked-out studio cuts and four eclectic bonus tracks from the band's home studio (spanning ambient, industrial, and acoustic genres) the album pushes the limits of the listener's expectations and forms a wide bed of sounds that the band is capable of. Soul'd Out was released in February 2012 to online retailers and HMV music stores.

Look for Braindead Romeo in a venue near you and online. We hope to rock YOUR world in the near future!



Written By: Andrew Brandt

Roll out the war machines
You've got your pistols locked n' loaded and your engines runnin clean
Unpin the Wal-Mart hand grenades, it's a renegade land of the free
For just a nominal fee...
All your dyin all your livin' all your drugs and your religion
All your moanin and your bitchin' don't mean anything
Do a favour for me cousin, tell your Uncle Sam to SHOVE IT for me.
Yeah, buddy I got what you need.


Go on and do what they told ya,
You're such a good soldier, you're such a good soldier
The good ol' boys are gunnin and the other ones are runnin away
I think it's about time we draw this line, I said
Everybody run for your lives while you can
Oh, honey, I don't speak American.


You know you've gotta spend money, make money That's the kind of wisdom
Comin' out the mouths of men who'd take a buck to have you killed
And as they're raping kids in India the Dow Jones makes em rich as bloody hell
And buddy I can't stand the smell,
But I'm not tryin to piss you off, and I'm not tryin to stoke the soul
Of a child of forty-five out playin border control
It's a game of cowboys versus Mexicans, and you're spoilin for a fight
But if you wanna kick my ass then take a number, step in line
Non hablo Espanola babe, but how much for tonight?


I know you know how to get in line...



And I hate to burst your bubble, but it's just a matter of time
Once California's outta water babe, those nukes are gonna fly
And if we live to tell the story, how those veterans will recall
How this Americanarama drove us up the fucking wall!



White Noize City (2014)

Soul'd Out (2012)

Live! In The Wild! (2011)

Media Activity

  • Chosen for side stage at Sasktel Summer Invasion festival in Regina
  • Finalist in the "Road To CMW" contest 2013 - performed at The Hard Rock in Toronto
  • Periodically featured on Regina's 104.9 The Wolf on Radio Active (new music) and homegrown (local music) segments
  • Regular play from Regina's 91.3 CJTR
  • Regular play from Moose Jaw's Mix 103.9
  • Featured on Shaw TV Saskatoon's "Stripped Down"
  • Song "Amedika" honorably mentioned for West Coast Songwriter's competition 2012
  • Braindead Romeo is featured on the soundtrack to the independent film "Zombigeddon"

Set List

Braindead Romeo's set lists are truly tailored for the show. Playing in varied locations to eclectic crowds in western Canada has lead to a large catalog of original songs and covers.

Braindead Romeo has played a range of covers including songs by classic artists such as AC/DC and The Black Crowes and songs by Top 40 Rock artists such as Theory of a Deadman and Our Lady Peace.