Mix violin/keyboard/keyboard bass player Brian Purwin?:

Graduate of Juilliard pre-college, a former music student at New England Conservatory, and a man of mystery. His talents far surpass his B/O, but then again - no human being could smell that amazing.

Then top it off with drummer Derek Sexton?:

Known to sleep with a metronome playing in his ears to help him keep a solid groove, he aims to get heads bobbing and the booties shakin'. A former New Jersey small town neighborhood bad-boy, he has grown up to become one of the sexiest members of the Sexton family.

Set List

Original Shows will have up to 1 1/2 hours of original material. (One and a half hours)

3-5 hour gigs will consist of a variety of music ranging from Reggae, to Rock, to Funk, to Blues while including some originals.