Chamber Folk The earthiness and lyricism of folk music meets the musicianship and orchestration of classically trained musicians in a small ensemble that brings together a range of styles from Opera to Jazz to Indie Rock.


After playing in an electric indie rock band for a year, Alex arranged for Vivian and he to play with a pair of musicians he'd met at a friends party one night. Aline and Evelyne were studying violin and piano respectively at Marionopolis where they met Doug, a long time friend of Alex's whom he met playing sax in high school jazz band.
A few jam sessions ensued and the group decided to begin amassing material. Eventually, a hurried end of Summer recording was arranged in Montreal to capture the work done before 3 members would leave Montreal for university (Aline is now at Humber and Evelyne spent a year at Oberlin before switching to Mcgill) and travel (Alex spent a year traveling the west coast). The group eventually reunited in Montreal to record another set of four songs, resulting in the release of Tiger Lilly EP in early 2010.

With a plethora of influences shaping the young sound of the group, Brainstorm draws inspiration from artists of all varieties. A violin player who tears up Jazz charts, a piano player who sight reads chopin and a singer studying Opera (they all have perfect pitch too, by the way) and a guitarist composing daily makes for a line up that's sure to stun and soothe audiences around the world.



Written By: Alexander Folk

I remember Orchids
streaming out, of your auburn curls
I was once the black kid;
never knowin' what I'd done with my pearls
In my room, we hid
from the noise that rings out in streets
I followed the west wind
you were there, standin' on two feet

seems I've got things figured out
you'd better run, save yourself
we're prisoners, you'd rather not know
I've got a view of the undertoe


Written By: Alexander Folk

And I always feel the same when
there's no one around
(these times are the best)
complacently I am hollowed
I'm worn out

my pale love beneath the sky is open for eons (to have it out)
making love so we can die with no regrets (but I've still got one)

Catch my eye, fall asleep, you won't ask for nuthin', when you're complete
(who are we all?
what are we doin' here?)

We were once children now look,
we've expired (who ya workin for?)
congenial at first it was in fact a cold one (to cling to)
wash my old love down the drain and put out the fire (you're workin' for us!)
you can never say enough now that we're all happy (and the news is good)


Tiger Lilly EP released in 2010

Recorded in two sessions a year apart in Montreal and self released.

Set List

-Tiger Lilly EP- 8 tracks
-Ghost in the machine
-Come Find Me

total: about 45 min-1hr

-There There by Radiohead
-Nude by Radiohead,
-Misty by Ella Fitzgerald
-Two Doves by the Dirty Projectors