Brainstorm for Tuesday

Brainstorm for Tuesday

 Houston, Texas, USA

A diverse indie rock band from H-town. Influences hail from bands such as Minus the Bear, Foo Fighters, Modest Mouse, Led Zeppelin and Two Door Cinema Club. We don't hold ourselves to any genre specifically but we can be described as Indie rock, alternative and Math-rock, We have been playing together for 5 years writing allot of different types of music are now finally ready to come out for the world to hear us.


We're a 4 piece rock/indie band from a hot city called Houston.  We're all around 21 years old. Individually, each of us has a diverse inspiration, but together we make a collage of music that we are proud of. Influences hail from bands such as Minus the Bear, Foo Fighters, Modest Mouse,Led Zeppelin and Two Door Cinema Club. 

We learned how to be performers by doing so many shows here in Houston, the music scene here is very active and we are lucky to be part of a community with such amazing artists. The past 2 years we have been focusing less on shows to write and record new and better material. The years of gigging and 2 years of living in the studio was boot camp to make us into the band we are now. When we set our minds to it nothing can stop us, except for Justin who sometimes goes on and praises Jimmy Page's guitar skills during rehearsals. We just want to play music for everyone, everywhere. 

And in the words of Dave Grohl, "This one's called 'For All the Cows'"



Set List

Life Without Francisco
We Were Promised Explosions
Wasting Time
Funky Sex Time
Past lovers
Press On
I Cant Forget