Brainstorm Records Recording Artists

Brainstorm Records Recording Artists

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Brainstorm Records is an independent label/production company which is home to several talented artists. we cover the following genres of music: Hip Hop, reggaeton, gospel and R&B.


Brainstorm Records Recording Artists work as solo artist as well as collaborate with each other to get the most out of each recording. Our vast catalog of material is diverse and the artistry is truly unique. Compared to other independents fighting for major airplay, Brainstorm Records Recording Artists are known for Bringing the Bronx Back.


Word on the street was released early 2003 and was the spark that started the inferno of the Brainstorm Records Label. "The Bronx Is Burning" Mix tape, which features the real AZ was released independently along with "M.R. WOR (em ar War)vs. Bleeding Gums" and "Get on your Job" which are available exclusively through the company.

Set List

Our set list consists of one song from each artist and one collaboration with the entire team. Ending with EMANON (the beat box king) as always, he motivates any crowd and shuts shyt down.