Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

We're a mostly-acoustic fourpiece that sounds like poppy folk music on the surface with an underlying R&B groove. We're about as catchy as Jerry Rice.


Bramble was born from a witch’s tongue in northwestern Oregon during the Great Adventour, undertaken by Chaz Prymek and James Miska in the summer of 2009.

The H.A.G.S. (have a good summer) West Coast Music on Bikes Tour, tackled by the aforementioned fellows, hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, was a simple plan, really.

It went like this:

Bike down the west coast of the U.S. of A. Take their noise-making machines. Play shows in all the little and large towns along the way.

When Chaz and James got bored, they composed ditties of varying lengths, along the way. In San Fran, they swooped up their pal Kazoo, who brought the angels down.

Kazoo flew away in LA, and Ian Accord fell into her gap. Steve lent his limbs to the project back in Salt Lake.

They now operate as a powerful fourpiece. Enjoy.


H.A.G.S. EP, 2010
"Colors" and "Trains X" getting radio play on several radio and internet radio stations in Utah and the midwest, particularly.