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Branchez @ Santos Party House

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

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‘Stay’ has became one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve heard in the past year and that has also made it one of the most remixed and covered songs as well. That being said, it takes a real solid one for it to stand out from the rest (See: Collin McLoughlin’s cover HERE) but I think Branchez earned it with his bootleg version. Speeding up the vocals and putting it over a pseudo-trap beat with various low tone A.S.A.P. Rocky-ish “Ugh” vocal clips this is a very smooth mix that may be very simple but that is exactly what makes it so perfect to listen to. Enjoy! -

New(ish) producer Branchez gives us a deliciously trappy remix of Stalley's "Hell's Angels" featuring Rick Ross. But not trappy like a diarrhea mess of hi-hats and bass drops, don't worry. Instead, Branchez's sound is very measured, as he builds up then knocks down the anticipation, with the aid of super dramatic synths.This is all inbetween chopping up, speeding up, slowing down and generally distorting the shit out of Stalley's vocals over. All of that, without making it sound completely schizophrenic, not bad bruh. - Noisey/Vice

Last week, the slow rising NYC-based producer, Branchez, premiered his fiercely explosive new single “Shake” via PORTALS contributors and long life blog homies, Live For The Funk. Branchez (aka Samuel Kopelman) has been making a decent amount of buzz on the SoundCloud home base with his raw to the bone, street style beat experiments. “Shake” could quite possibly be that special track that officially launches him into the blogosphere limelight.

The saxophone sample is just too damn good. Stream it below and be on the lookout for more tunes in the future: - Portals

When a good friend of mine at The Interstellar Pig reached out to me a few months back about an up and coming producer hailing from the city that doesn’t sleep, I feared for our newfound friendship that he was sending me an artist that sounds like everything else thats out there in the blogosphere today. After stating that the homies of Flosstradamus had picked one of his tracks for the now infamous B?NNED mixtape, my curiosity lead me to clicking the soundcloud link to discover that Branchez was the genius behind my favorite track on said mix. Fast foward to present and the name Branchez is on the rapid come up due to creating some absolute banger tracks! - The Dankles

INTO THE AM has adopted a keen ear for many up-and-coming artists out there who have dipped their hands in the sound pool of Trap Music and came out with pure talent. We were lucky enough to catch up with one certainly talented artist hailing out of the NYC concrete jungle. He goes by Branchez, and his style is, in lack of a better word, quite chromatic. Have a look at our recent chat, and be sure to check his most recent work! - Into The AM

?With all this blabber about "trap" music's legitimacy and whether or not it will outlast its overwhelming hype, it seems as though everyone's focus has been on highlighting the bad rather than trying to uncover the good. We here at LFTF will be the first to tell you we are not exactly stoked on the route many have taken with the style (ala bubbly dutch synths, overly aggro rhythms), but we would also be lying if we said we didn't think there is still really exciting stuff out there being made within the "trap" confines. Today we are premiering "Shake" by New York producer Branchez, which to me, serves as the perfect example of what good can still come from the world's most debated genre. On "Shake", the 22-year-old utilizes instrumental components most common to jazz arrangements, disposing them atop a slow-burning rap/hip-hop beat that oozes in soulful timbre. Even with all the shoddy Baauer wannabes sending us "Gangnam Style" trap remixes everyday, real still recognizes real. Let this be motivation for you to go out and find it. - Live For The Funk


Branchez Volume 1(Trapaholics)

Support from: Flosstradamus, Trapaholics, RL Grime, Baauer, DJ Craze, DJ Benzi, Willy Joy, Kastle, Tokimonsta, Two Fresh, Chance The Rapper & many more



Using elements more commonly found in jazz, soul & funk, 22 year-old producer Branchez, makes what he calls 'Big Room Hip-Hop'. Branchez 'raw to the bone, street style beat experiments' are sure to please listeners and crowds world wide.

Appealing to the good music sensibilities of EDM & Hip-hop fans alike, Branchez unique production style continues to blend and mix genres into a sound truly his own.