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Branded with Fear

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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We are currently recording our first Demo. We have a couple of major labels that are interested in our work so keep you eye out for us!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born in the small of Jasper, Ga. Justin grew up listening to bluegrass and southern rock. Starting out as a drummer in a southern rock band to a guitar player in the church choir.

Justin's music career began at the young age of 5 when his grandmother bought him a guitar, knowing that he would grow up to live a musicians life. Singing about life and all the battles thats with in it, Justin will go wherever his music takes him..........

From his clean, melodic vocals to his gut wrenching scream, Justin offers a unique vocal talent that completes the Branded with Fear sound.


Chris was born and raised in Coventry, England

He has been playing the guitar for 14 years.
" I was obsessed with Noel Gallagher of Oasis as a kid, and knew that I wanted to be a guitarist either just like him, or better!."

Chris started with a band called Triple X which was heavily influenced by the Metal Genre and then joined a Blues band called Mother's Ruin. "Mother's Ruin is where I started to see my talent expand from your basic thrash metal concept to a more musically challenging rock concept. I knew that there was more to my guitar playing than just power chords."

Branded with Fear was started by Chris and then later joined by Nathan. They created the original music and headed the start of a new sound.

Jake West has been playing bass guitar for 5 years. When asked why he chose to play bass, he simply states, "Bassists do it deeper."

Jake recieved his first bass -- an Ibanez GSR200 -- complete with a Rogue 15 watt amp, from his parents when he was 14. Jake was motivated by the challenge that music gave him. "Music has never come naturally to me, so in order to get anywhere with bass guitar, I have to work at it." In the past 5 years, Jake has been in many bands, all with various genres of music and influences. "I strive to never lose an appreciation for all types of music." Since his first bass, Jake has kept moving on up to better and more talented bands (and bigger amps!)

Jake had several 'project bands' (including one with Justin) when he joined Branded With Fear, but soon dropped all of the others once he saw the seriousness and dedication of Chris and Nathan. "I saw that this band was going somewhere, and I wanted onboard."

As the pulsating backbone of Branded With Fear, this Mississippi native knew at the age of 3 that he was a drummer. Inspired by an uncle’s drumming at a family reunion, Nathan pursued his ambitions in many ways from the school marching band to several rock bands throughout his school years. This versatile drummer began to truly hone his skills by spending 6 years as the drummer for Crossgates Baptist Church, which is where he began to learn the skills and importance of reading music and playing with many different types of instruments.

Nathan spent his first two college years at Mississippi College where he filled his free time by playing for the college show choir and a near by college praise band. But he soon realized he needed a change of scenery to pursue his passion for music, which is when he decided to move to Nashville to attend Belmont University. This is where Nathan earned his “degree in beating things” as he likes to say. Belmont gave him a chance to expand his musical abilities by performing with Jazz, Rock, Percussion, and Bass Guitar ensembles and the chance to learn from great drummers such as Todd London, Brian Fullen, and Chester Thompson. Nashville being known as Music City did not go unexplored by Nathan, he had the chance to work with country artists Jenny Goforth and Lindsay Harding.

Longing for something more, Nathan decided to take a risk and leave behind his comfort zone of Nashville and move to Atlanta to pursue a career in rock music. With some help from a popular classified website he soon meet guitarist Chris Green and from there Branded With Fear was born into what it is today. Now more than ever Nathan is focused on the task of creating some of the best drumming hard rock has ever heard!