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"Got Grind?"


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Got Grind? Brandeesh Interview

So Brandeesh how did you come up with that name?

A man thats the million dollar question! The name Brandeesh came from my hombeoys back in the day around the way in Cheasapeake. I had about 30 different rap names before but when they started calling me Brandeesh it just stuck. It started off as just kind of a neighborhood thing but once i started introducing myself to the rest of the underground community as Brandeesh it was different and fresh so I ran with it.

Interesting... So when did "Brandeesh" start rapping?

I started rapping around 13 years old. I didnt even begin to take it seriously until 2000. I got with my first official group Hood Life Cartel in 2002. We did two collaboration mixtapes and the streets loved them we couldn't keep any copies in stock. My camp fell apart after my partners caught all types of charges that landed two in jail for Life and the other two in and out of jail for years to come. It was just me and my man Train Geneveze left standing.
I had to keep it moving in the street with the music to carry the name on. A few years later is when Sound Squad Entertainment scooped me up.

Being from Chesapeake, Virginia how do the other cities treat you?

Well I have recieved nothing but love from everyone from day one because my approach is fearless, determined, and hard bodied. I get respect from the most gutter to the most reserved because the people recognize the music that i make is 100% real. No exaggerations or fabrications from me. The people also know that I am fighting for them as well. Because of that I get nothing but love from everyone, the fact that I'm from Chesapeake dosent matter to anybody.
But the you better believe the 7 cities knows about Brandeesh repping campostella and providence !

Ok well tell the viewers about soundsquad.

Sound Squad Entertainment is a very unique team. It Started out in New York South Side Jamaica Queens with my DJ, DJ Butter B and Big Dee

How long has that partnership been going on?

They were throwing parties around the way and the people who helped Butter B bring in his equipment were called the "Sound Squad"Once Butter and Big Dee moved to VA they linked up with ZIp (from norfolk). A few years later I was picked up as an artists and it has been on for the last for years

Before we get into your upcoming projects... How do you feel about the local climate?

I love the local climate

Who are your top 5 local artist?

Wow top 5 Artists...Contamination, Super Star Sal, Myselaneous, I like the Major Movement camp as a whole and R.M.G. has some hardcore music.

Ok. Well Mr. Brandeesh before we go tell all your Archerville Kinfolks about your upcoming projects

Okay people its alot coming out of the Sound Squad campfor '08 and '09. Based On A True Story: The Prequel was just launched yesterday it is the promo mixtape to the album Based On A True Story which is dropping Online and in stores Spring '09. Power Music III: Necessary Aggression is dropping summer'09

Ok well thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule and we will be sure to check for your material.

But I will be all over the street as usual doing collabs features and the whole 9.
No Doubt is the illest ever in life lol. Oh yeah all you viewers can download a free copy of the latest mixtapes on my page
everybody Keep Grindin shout out to Train Geneveze...Sound Squad UP!!!


VA Reid Comment by VA Reid on November 28, 2008 at 8:36pm
keep doing your thing Brandeesh, your time is coming, you get nothing but love and respect from the whole rtmnewsletter writing staff. Keep repping the V!

Keesha Comment by Keesha on December 2, 2008 at 7:15pm
Good interview. Can't wait to hear what you have to offer Brandeesh.

Renea McMullin Comment by Renea McMullin on December 3, 2008 at 5:22pm
OK we got something new up. I will check out the tunes of Brandeesh. Chesapeake? As in the bridge?

Nussy Comment by Nussy on December 4, 2008 at 9:20pm
Keesh whats up sis? Good interview too.

Sean Archer Comment by Sean Archer on December 8, 2008 at 11:57am
Keep it moving Brandeesh. Good read my dude, much success to you.

Mark Dewayne Comment by Mark Dewayne on December 13, 2008 at 8:24pm
Nice read.Interesting.

Roger Thaxton Comment by Roger Thaxton on December 17, 2008 at 4:01pm
My nigg for life...U already kno....Semaki all day



Power Music: The Beautiful Struggle
Power Music II: The Progression
Power Music III: Necessary Aggression

Based On A True Story
available at

Singles in rotation:
"Say I"
"Get Out The Way"




Brandeesh is the 27 year old rap artist representing the city of Chesapeake with an undeniable and original up tempo flow. His style is a blend of East Coast lyrics and Down South vernacular and bounce. Brandeesh’s content is based on social problems in the society we live in today. His strong delivery and lyrical substance places him in a league of his own amongst the elite underground artists in the VA hip-hop scene.
Born in a blue collard hard-working house hold failure was never an option. He is a person of persistence. In the mid ninety’s with neighborhood friends on a karaoke machine Brandeesh found his calling in life and from there he began a long journey (“On the road to riches and diamond rings”-Notorious B.I.G., you know the rest). In 2002 he joined the Norfolk based rap company Hood Life Cartel lead by Main Train (Train Genovese) and J-Nasty. This was Brandeesh’s turning point as a stand-out amongst other incredible emcees such as Don Damarco and Poplar Halls native D. Skinner. With two volumes of the “Crimeline Chronicles” mixtape series under their belts the group fell upon hard times when three of its members were charged with numerous crimes from assault and robbery to murder. This would put a stop to or slow down the average person but Brandeesh continued forward.
In the summer of 2004 Brandeesh was rubbing shoulders with up an up and coming music group called Sound Squad Entertainment. Not yet a member He found himself in their presence. At this time he was still recording with Train Genevese, and they composed a classic mixtape that was never titled but is known in the streets as “the cover with the eyes on it”. On that project was the song “Shinning” which caught the attention of the streets and beyond. It received radio airplay and also when he performed it that summer in front of a sold-out Blakely’s club crowd won him a trip to Las Vegas with the opportunity to perform for the masses. After this victory Brandeesh asked CEO Zip and President Big Dee (Sound Squad Entertainment) to accompany him as managers. From there Brandeesh proudly became the newest addition into the Sound Squad Entertainment family.
Now in 2009 Brandeesh has seven mixtapes completed and an album entitled “Based On A True Story” that was released independently through CDBABY.COM. He is the head designer for Sound Squad Entertainment specializing in covers, flyers, and advertising. Still with a firm relationship with Train Genevese and a family bond with his team Sound Squad Entertainment there is nothing in his way to the top. He truly is The Pride of Tidewater.
“BASED ON A TRUE STORY” available online @