Branden Daniel & the Chics

Branden Daniel & the Chics

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Garage Pop n' Roll, dirty shakin' for da teen beat!


Keep Em Flying: Rotten fruit, beer bottles, spit, a half-eaten slice of pizza, panties and bras, a crowd surfers stray shoe. You never know what might be coming your way.

Well bring it, motherfuckers, and keep ‘em flying: Branden Daniel and the The Chics aren’t afraid of gettin’ dirty.

These street-slithering sexpots from Seattle work from the alleyways and dirty streets that lead to your rawest inhibitions and desires, under the spell of moonlight and whiskey-baited, knee-scraping rock n roll. The music comes walking right up to you with a coy, flirtatious stare, then gently pushes you off to the side, without turning around to see the tears roll down your face. But it isn’t heartless; it eventually comes back to comfort you and pick you up on the way back home. Singer/guitarist Branden Daniel has the menacing sneer of Iggy Pop, instilling the 60s pop-rock sensibilities of the most famous British Invaders, and the shaded cool of The Dirtbombs Mick Collins. His sonic creations crash through the scuzzy walls of some Detroit garage built from a Rolling Stones r&b foundation and the rhythmic supports of classic NW garage staples, The Kingsmen.

Previously known as Branden Daniel and Everybody Gets Laid (who in 2008 released an EP Everybody Gets Laid won raves from their hometown of Seattle all the way to Bristol, UK, where the BBC said they were “poised to take over the world.”) The band laid it all out on the line, sure enough. Then, in the magical summer of 2009, after touring the nation in support of Branden Daniel’s self-titled EP, he gave birth to The Chics, a line-up that consists of Aaron Schroeder on baritone guitar, and Matt Winter on drums.

Keep Em Flying, the debut full-length from Branden Daniel and The Chics, charges out of the gate with “All Things Chic,” a deviant full-throttled prowler of a number, that leads into the paining desire of “Missionary” before “Hey, Howie” opens its firm but tender arms to set the record straight. There’s a call and response urgency of muscular rhythm and blues on “Mor Yay,” while the title track riffs on some doo wop straight from Hill Valley High’s Enchanted Under The Sea prom, opening up a magical chasm of strong, dreamy harmonies. A string section (arranged by noted LA composer Ali Helnwein) adds a rich dose of grandiose decadence on “Feel Real,” and the compelling, impenetrable album closer “Not Like Anything.” In all, Keep Em Flying is a bold and tireless rock n roll journey that carefully navigates well-traveled roads, while paving the way for innovative technique and a wholly unique style your ears will desire and your brain will undoubtedly remember.

Keep Em Flying was recorded in Los Angeles at Kingsize Soundlabs with producer Bruce Duff in April 2010, and was completed at Avast! Studios in Seattle with Grammy Award-winning producer Tom Biller, who recorded “Feel Real” and “Not Like Anything”, and remixed and mastered all of Keep Em Flying.

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Manager: John Collins jc@goldenimageenterprises

Publicist: Kelly MacGaunn
“Poised to take over the world” - BBC Bristol

“Combines a turbo-blues guitar riff with some of the snottiest vocals this side of Iggy Pop for a funky disaster of a dance number." - The Stranger (Seattle)

“One of Seattle’s best young bands, with nods towards Mudhoney and the Rolling Stones.” - Seattle Times

"Rock really doesn't get better than this." - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Bible thumpers, cover your precious ears, because Daniel’s sleazy guitar riffs are so evil they could be used as recruitment tools for Satan himself. Larry Norman was right; the Devil really does have the best music." - Portland Mercury


Branden Daniel & The Chics Debut LP KEEP EM FLYING
- Will be Out May 8th 2012

Album Release Show @ Chop Suey THU MAY 17th

Set List

1. Vintage Shirt - Unreleased
2. so alone - Keep Em Flying LP
3. All Things Chic - Keep Em Flying LP
4. Hey, Howie - Keep Em Flying LP
5. Mor Yay - Keep Em Flying LP
6. Missionary - Keep Em Flying LP
7. Melt Chyo Heart - youtube video release only
8. Keep Em Flying - Keep Em Flying LP
9. Burns - Keep Em Flying LP
10. Recommend It - youtube video release only

50 minute set
+ other songs available