Brand New Hat

Brand New Hat


This is a new young crazy band that is from springhill NS, we are rock/jammy/bluesy/indie/dancy stuff all rolled into one. the band is tight and fun and will defently get the crowe going


Brand new hat...Where did it come from?.... nobody knows...well your gonna find out right now, It all started not long ago...Bandmates and long time freinds Keith and Jared went on the search for a band....took awhile actually, Springhill being a small little town not a whole lot of muscains around...Met up with a guy Named Dan and guy name Chris...these guys new what was up. Both of them got there music arts degree at Mckenzie Collage in Sydney. so what the hell lets have a nice jamsy and see what happens....little did they know it would turn out like it did, pretty amazed with the results the band took off with a combination of blues, rock and some jammy dancy trippy acid shit going on the sound was unqiue like no other....who knows what will be in store for these 4 young fellas in that town on that hill in that province called Springhill, Nova Scotia


We have only released a 3 song Mckenzie Demo but are working on our Debu album Titles "And her devilish ways" or somthing along those lines

Set List

Cover Songs
Sympthay for the devil-Stones
Hey Joe-Hendrix
Take the Money and run-Steve Miller Band

we do many more that is just a taste...we have lots of material and are able to cover a good night in a half