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Brandon James & Soulogy

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF | AFM

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2011
Band R&B Soul




"Brandon James"

Brandon James

Some artists make music for the mere purpose of entertaining their audience, while others set out to deepen their songs with a more powerful meaning. Brandon James belongs to the latter category of artists, with his ambitious, yet humble and passionate approach.

This talented Chicago-based performer set out to perform extensively and refine his craft since the age of 12, when he started to make music within several school projects. His music has made its way into the world since then, as his tracks are currently appreciated by audience and critics alike on a global level.

His sound is a great compromise in between the warmth of soul and the catchy and fresh appeal of pop music, not unlike influential performers the likes of Luther Vandross, Lyfe Jennings and Donnie Hathaway, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones just to mention a few.

As mentioned before, when you listen to Brandon’s music it will be evident that his songs are more than simple entertainment: every track is a story and every piece of lyrical work is a special moment that he shares with his audience.
Don’t miss his brand new single “every time”, currently available on iTunes. - More More Sound

"Brandon James knocks it out of the park with hit single Everytime"

Brandon James knocks it out of the park with hit single Everytime

Brandon James is a musician from Chicago whom has his eyes on the prize of reaching greatness. His style blends Opera,sacred,gospel,blues, pop and R&B. He's influenced by Luther Vandross, Lyfe Jennings, & Donnie Hathaway. He works on creating a versatile sound, and has a desire for music. You can catch his single out on itunes titled "Everytime".

Everytime begins with a majestic intro that captivates the listeners ears. His voice is soothing and is sung with fullness. James can really hit the high notes and stay in key which is huge! The track has this old school jazz feel to it, but then gets' a computer high tech feel to it at about two minutes in. The synths are a great mix with the track and makes it very new age. There's a lot going on in the song that makes it unique and different. His voice is excellent. He doesn't miss a note and never goes out of pitch. The song structure and time measures are done very well and I'm actually impressed that he was able to fit so, many instruments into one song especially the synth and the drums. A lot of drums now a days are computerized and here, you can feel the energy of the kit without seeing it. The 5 minute and eleven second song packs a serious punch! Brandon James has some serious talent and i think he can make some big noise in his future if he decides to release a full album. His song writing is both unique and well rounded. He is working on the completion of his debut solo album Soulfully Divine. Brandon James current singles “Inspiration”, “All I Want Is You”, & “Everytime” can be heard on his website and Itunes. Brandon James will be performing at a
venue near you! - Shadows Records music Reviews

"Brandon James - Musical Passion Shows on "Everytime""

To have any lasting success in this wild music industry the most important thing to have is passion.

A close second is the desire to learn as much as you can about the music business as a whole. Our latest find Brandon James is seems to be on the right path.

The rising star from Chicago is aiming to make an impact to the world with his crossover style that blends elements of Gospel, Blues, Pop, and R&B. After discovering his raw talent for singing at age 12 the fire was lit and he dove in with both feet.

He did what was necessary and learned from some of the best vocal teachers of the area including Chicago Jazz legend Bobby Wilsyn. Seeking to learn more about the complete music industry Brandon James attended Columbia College of Chicago where he earned a degree in Music Performance & Music Business.

The single “Everytime” by Brandon James caught me attention with its soulful feel and smooth sound. The vocal swells that Brandon is able to hit are very impressive and his talent is undeniable. The 5 minute track is a great introduction to this rising star.

The song is available on iTunes and you can keep tabs on Brandon at - OBs Music UK

"Brandon James: “An Underdog’s Tale” Combines Power, Passion and Beauty"

Brandon James has just dropped his latest track “An Underdog’s Tale”. The song is Soul-driven with a hint of RnB and Jazz plus a bitter-sweet and beautiful vibe to it. Brandon leaves an imprint with the way he sings, showing his dynamic versatility.

I love the laid-back groove and sound of Brandon James’ work, which is why I highly recommend his works. Brandon is at his best when he writes ballads and sings ballads. He is multi-talented and clearly even a bad tune sounds good when he performs it.

When listening to his music you get the impression that Brandon knows what real music is. His music signifies what a great writer he is he is too. His soothing voice is easy to listen, and combined with deep lyrics, “An Underdog’s Tale” and many other of Brandon’s songs, will quickly become ‘one of your favourites’.

What Brandon James does is beautiful R&B – the old school type – where the groove has an upper hand over the rhythm; you can definitely witness his musical skill, and the way the songs capture your mind. Over and above “An Underdog’s Tale”, I particularly enjoyed “If I Only Knew”, “Drifting” and “Love Rising”, not to mention some of Brandon’s older releases like “So Emotional” and “Because Of You”.

Although Brandon James knows how to deliver the modern urban mainstream feel, it’s his classic old school-styled vocals and arrangements which for me, continues to set him apart from his contemporaries and keeps him in touch with his peers.

In a time when there are tons of Soul and R&B singers that believe in screeching through songs, Brandon James seems to combine power, passion and beauty in every note he sings. And what a joy that is to listen to on “An Underdog’s Tale”. Kudos to Brandon for another job well done! - JS JamSphere

"Brandon James"

Brandon James just sent me over his new songs and I have to say it is refreshing to hear such authentic and heartfelt blues from a young talent like Brandon. His vocals will touch you with every word and the accompanying music is real and home grown. I highly encourage that you check out Brandon and pick up his tracks here: - Very Cool Tunes

"Windy City Soul - Taking a Listen to Brandon James ♫♫"

Brandon James is an impressive singer with an excellent soulful sound and stylistic approach. This talent tackles funky smooth jazz/rock & soul instrumentals with powerful vocals in a varied range of tones. With a steady baritone, James rides his soul-soothing bass lines with intense vocals that dig right in. At high moments you’ll hear him breaking into delicate falsettos.

He describes his sound as a mixture of Pop and Soul. For Brandon, music is more than a passion; it is Brandon James life and has been his dream since he realized his ability to sing at a young age. Seeking to learn music on all levels Brandon James attended Columbia College Chicago where he earned a degree in music performance & business. It was also an amazing moment in 2009 when the young gifted artist got the chance to perform with the legendary band Earth, Wind, & Fire.

Brandon’s Soulfully Divine EP Features a fantastic band. For any fan of Soul, Jazz, or Experimental Rock, this is definitely worth a listen. Accompanied by a noteworthy rhythm section, this band features a very talented lead guitarist and the pitch ­perfect vocal stylings of Brandon James. Various instruments were used in the production, from horns to keys and wooden flutes to other new­age experimental sounds and samples. This album, along with all James' songs come with a smooth sound and powerful energy that is very enjoyable whether you're looking to just relax or get ready for a night out.

Brandon’s craft fuses elements of old­school soul with tight jazz and classical rock and roll elements with hip­hop and R&B inspired sampling and new­age techniques that truly create an enjoyable sound. The vocals are enough on their own to truly bring one to a comfortable, exciting, yet peaceful state of mind and body, and that's exactly what we've been looking for.

So what did you think of this artist? Tell us in the comments below. - TWT Music


Soulfully Divine EP- 2015

Soul Sessions (Album) 2016




Singing sensation Brandon James is a rising star who’s setting his sights on making an impact across the globe. 

Chicago native Brandon James delivers a versatile sound of pop and soul to his ever growing fanbase and has plans of delivering much more. Lauren Tate of Serious Art Magazine describes him and his music as “ a refreshingly classic but up to date sound that out shines most upcoming singers.” 

Brandon is currently working on releasing a new Album “Soul Sessions” out now!! The album will be distributed by Ditto Music and made available for download on ITunes, streamed on Spotify and available for purchase on his website The lead single will be released on October 14th. It will be promoted to the world in a music video debuted on Youtube and rotation on MTV. A midwest promotional tour is also in the works. 

A Chicago native Brandon James celebrates his birthday on March 17th. He states that he “started doing music as an outlet for depression in Elementary School.”  Not realizing his full potential at the time he also states that he “first realized his full potential and passion for singing at the age of 12, after being pushed to become involved in various music related school projects to keep him out of trouble.”

 After high school he challenged himself to become a better at his craft, including taking voice lessons from Bobby Wilsyn one of the best Chicago Jazz musicians as well as Ars Musica and Classical singer Andrew Schultze.Seeking to learn music on all levels Brandon James attended Columbia College of Chicago where he earned a degree in Music Performance & Music Business in 2009. The same year Brandon got the chance to perform with legendary band Earth,Wind and Fire. 

Brandon James's primary goal is to share his story and testimony through his music with millions of people all over the world. He seeks to to inspire,touch hearts and provoke thought with his music. In addition to performing live at various notable venues across Chicago including the UIC Pavilion. Brandon James current singles “Surreal” "Dreams, Hopes, Drama" and “There She Goes” can be heard on his website and at

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