Brandon Anthony

Brandon Anthony


I'm a pop/hip hop/dance songwriter who puts on a highly entertaining concert with choreography inspired by hip hop, Bob Fosse, and African Dance. And with the backing of my two amazing dancers, we will rock the stage!


Music rocks my soul. Music guides me through this ridiculous thing we call life. When you see me on the street, watch me strut to my secret soundtrack, and know that I find beauty in whatever I'm listening to. Watch the music move me the way that I hope to someday move you, and listen. Listen to my words because they are. my. words, and I wrote every single one for a reason. Because I finally have something to say! About love...about hate, about politics and discrimation, about ignorance and sex. About the delicious highs of happiness and the bitter after-taste of happiness once gone. Hear my voice...because there's feeling in there. Watch me dance, and you'll never take your eyes off me. I am sexual, I am sad, I am blunt, I am sarcastic, I am joyful, I am offensive, and I am unapologetic. I am Brandon Anthony, and that's all I'll ever be.....but I still really want you to like me.


"Voyeuristic" Winter 2007

Set List

Typical 90 minute set list includes 16 original pop/dance/hip hop songs and 2 or 3 pop covers.

Typical 90 minute set:

Ain't Nothin Gonna Be That Hot
I Think I Could Love You
Do U Really Wanna?
If I Die
Daddy's Coming Home
Past The Past
You And Your Dirty Mouth
When Did People Get So Stupid
Back Off
Don't Fuck With Me
Sexy Muthafuckas
Like I Love You (Justin Timberlake Cover)
Umbrella (Rihanna Cover)
Cannot Get Enough

*other covers include: Justin Timberlake "Cry Me A River", Janet Jackson "That's The Way Love Goes", and Michael Jackson, "You Rock My World".