Brandon Begotka

Brandon Begotka


Simple arrangements with slide guitar, piano, acoustic guitar and simplistic vocals are meant to call to mind a simpler time in which family, friends and homeland meant everything. The well-traveled road of Midwest alt. country is repaved by this music for those longing to return to that time.


A born and raised Midwesterner from Southeastern Wisconsin, Brandon Begotka started writing music at the tender age of 16. Now 24, his current project is a side project of the band The Syllable Section, led by Matt Marquardt. Begotka's most recent self-titled recording was intended to be indie pop, but, inadvertently, surfaced as an alt. country project as ideas were born and styles emerged. With major influences including Neil Young, Wilco, Will Oldham, Roscoe Holcomb, Doc Watson, Bill Monroe and George Pegram as well as a life-long love of American history and simple country life, Begotka's music embodies the embracement of and reflection on Midwestern roots.


Brandon Begotka Self Titled Self Released 2004

Numerous other recordings not officially released.