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Two Bedrooms

Written By: Brandon Scott Caldwell

I'm 10 years old with two bedrooms
And they're both full of toys and shoes
But something's empty deep inside
Sometimes at night I lay in bed and cry
And Mama rushes in - "It's not your fault," she'll say
If they're the ones to blame, why am I the one that pays?

So this is a family
It's hard to tell
Every time my parents talk
They fuss and yell
So this is a family
It's hard to see
The only thing my parents ever share is me
One week with Mom - one week with Dad
What happened to the love they had?

I've learned to hate 3 o'clock
That's when we meet in the Walmart parking lot
I grab my bag - quick hug goodbye
I'm off to start my second life
And I have the same ol' thought as we drive away
If I ever grow up it won't be this way


Off My Mind

Written By: Brandon Scott Caldwell

I've drank a cold beer at 12 every day for the last year
To help me to remember to forget that you're not here
Sixteen gallons of Jack Daniels, 30 bottles of Georgia wine
Is not enough to get you off my mind.

It'll be a year ago tomorrow since I laid you in the ground
And all the pain and sorrow I've tried my best to drown
Starting counting everything I could just to pass the time
'Til the day I get you off my mind.

I can't count the times I screamed out your name
Or the times I took the Good Lord's in vain
Or the nights I laid your picture on the pillow on your side
And stared at your pretty face and cried

There's a suitcase in the cooler - two gallons in the barn
45 in my hand - a bottle of wine under each arm
I built a fire in the back yard - I'll search the flames 'til I find
What it takes to get you off my mind.

What I Didn't Do

Written By: Brandon Scott Caldwell

I wasn't in the crowd - I didn't see your pain
I wasn't even born the day you were slain
I didn't hear you cry - oh, Father - please forgive them
But I hung you there with the weight of my sin.

I didn't beat the thorns - I didn't drive the nails
I didn't mock your name or cast lots on your veil
I didn't pierce your side - oh, Father - where blood and water flowed
But I believe you bled and died to wash me white as snow.

I believe all these things are true
I believe you're coming back like you promised to
I believe - oh. Father - that you're still on your throne
And I believe I'm just about ready to come home.

I didn't see the tomb - I didn't see the stone
But I'd like to have seen their faces
When they found out you were gone
I didn't see you rise - oh, Father - that first Easter day
But I believe in Heaven above, and you're the only way.