Brandon Chandler

Brandon Chandler


Brandon Chandler (armed with an acoustic guitar, an assortment of loop pedals, and a soulful versatile voice) has drawn comparisons to artists such as Jason Mraz, Ben Harper, and Jack Johnson while creating a unique blend of funky folk, blues, and jazz that is all his own.


At only twenty-two years old Brandon Chandler with the help of an assortment of loop, and effects pedals creates a high energy catchy vibe that you can't help but groove to. His music will leave you laughing, and positively dancing at the end of every show. Brandon's ability to lyrically freestyle about everything under the sun leaves the crowd feeling like they are an integral part of the show.

Although young, Brandon has talent well beyond his years that is impossible to ignore. Whether it's the humorous stories between songs, the high energy, or the witty improv about the girl in the front row this guy leaves crowds wanting more.


Sing my blues away

Written By: Brandon Chandler

I'm just a hungry child but I'm not satisfied i guess ill go hungry tonight I'm just just a young boy already doing the 9 to 5 thing ask me if I'm happy and ill tell you nothing I just wanna sing my blues away I wanna be someone someday everyone they've got their dreams but are they as confused as me

sometimes I just want to run away from everything
but there like where are you going child what are you going to do for the rest of your life

ill go to school get a job find a wife and some kids and be a slob and ill retire someday move to Florida say my prayers and ill die that way

i just wanna sing my blues away
I just wanna sing my blues away

somewhere inbetween

Written By: Brandon Chandler

Life isn't always as easy as it seems its not the easiest thing if you know what I mean my world buckled at it knees and its falling on me mother says now don't get down because things are gonna get easier child the way life moves its so confusing caves their crumbling and interest it's doubling traffic is stopping because the grass is growing and divorce is expected like some sex in the morning and I'm just another kid with my heart on my sleeve for you to take as you please

life is gonna get easier
things are gonna get brighter

I wanna be the billion dollar lottery so that everyone might up and want me I wanna be as smart as the dictionary so that one day I might know what I mean I wanna meet somebody that loves me for me but life isn't always as easy as it seems I'm just another kid with my heart on my sleeve for you to take as you please

life is gonna get easier
things are gonna get brighter

who knew that we put a price on free who said love it doesn't cost a thing supply and demand baby it's at hand inflation's on the rise now can you sell me some lies we've got a special going on only 4.99 and I'm a guaranteed product until the day that I die


Written By: Brandon Chandler

when I die I'll be this cloud alone and next to the sun, or a daffodil growing slowly near a country road, i'll be this sound floating up to the moon, and i'll leave this old gypsy alone


and he'll watch me disapear as a sound from my guitar, up to my heavon in field by a country road, singing a song that I wrote to myself quietly


when i'm done with this place, ill look down on this world like a painting, or a pretty girl, and ill become a daffodil...


Bedside Comforts 2002
A little Love 2005
The Lilac Tree EP 2006

Set List


resting in her eyes
when we stop spinning
thinking of you
If the world smiled
somewhere inbetween
where I went wrong
to much to drink
trust in me
singmy blues away
hold me down
you choose (improv)
see you soon
virginia crazy dream
for your smile


wonderwall (oasis)
sitting on the dock of the bay (ottis redding)
Ain't no sunshine (bill withers)
All along the watchtower (soul version) (hendrix)
No woman no cry (marley)