Brandon Crookz

Brandon Crookz

 Yorba Linda, California, USA
BandHip Hop

I Try To Make Music For Every Generation To Vibe To , I Dont Want To Subject Myself To One Specific Group Of People, Or One Genre Of Music Young Or Old Black Or White, I Live And Love Music So I Make Music Everyone Can Be Comfortable With.


There are too many "Kings" in Hip-Hop. Just about every other artist in the Rap Game has tried to claim the title, most of them don't seem to realize that there is someone who will rightfully inherit the Throne. It is not something you claim, it is something that is given to you. And when the time comes, the Next King will already be entitled to it". So untill then, I'm just here 2 earn my RESPECT! Brandon started earning his Lyrical respect early on when he started to display his rhyming back in elemantary school. He quickly earned a reputation in and around the streets of Longbeach as the one to watch for. As a Student of the Rap Game, Brandon is out to prove himself amongst rap's elite population. "I like lyrical MCs, where the lyrics are their best gimmick." he says. His appreciation for the culture and pioneers is vivid throghout his material. Hailing from Longbeach, Ca Brandon Charles Bryant(Age 19). Born December 19th 1990 at Longbeach Memorial Hospital not only raps, but also dances, and acts. Although he is in a category of his own, he does grab bits of inspiration from various artists and bands such as, Wiz Khalifa , Bowwow, Pac Div,Tyga, Drake and many others. “let’s just say you better charge for camera batteries because he is ready to make some dramatic changes in the direction of music. Brandon first developed his hunger to make music at the age of 5 after listening to a rap tape by the 90’s sensation group Kriss Kross. “Possibly the dopest thing my young ears had ever heard.” Soon after, Brandon began writing his own rhymes and from there it began… “Brandon Crookz” A major thing to expect from this young talent in the near future is an overall global takeover, through music, acting and dancing. “I can’t put the brakes on now, for my journey has only begun.”


Single Being Released In The Spring Titled "Coming Out"

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