Brandon Davis

Brandon Davis


"An acoustic fusion of jazz, folk, and pop flavors with conversational style lyrics and cascading melodies that hook you and pull you in. A blissful and intimate acoustic ride throughout every performance"---- Blue Melody Publishing


Originally from New York the young artist has traveled and lived along the east coast from Coastal FL to Boston, MA. With his acoustic in hand and a notebook full of ideas, Brandon Davis is on the move. Now Residing in CT outside of New Haven, Brandon is focusing on an independent release with his own Label in the works, taking a strong business approach with himself. Currently enrolled in Berklee's masters program in Songwriting and Guitar, Brandon Davis is taking aim at a successful future in music!!!


Where Would I Be

Written By: Brandon Davis--


where would I be
without you beside me
when I look back through time
the water became so clear
when you stood by my side
now night light breaks to morning
and I can't imagine for a moment
trying to find another woman
like you
what would I do
where would I be
without you and me

where would I be
without you and me
just me and a bottle
my guitar will make
what would I do
if I didn't have you
where would I go
nobody knows

what would i do
if I wasn't with you
when I look back at my life
I can't imagine
someone else by my side
cause even when it rains
you shine on my day
and all my troubles slowly fade
if I didn't have you
what would I do
what would I do
If I wasn't with you



Set List

<<< I play, depending on the venue, around 2-3 hours total w/ 45min-1hour per set, i prefer more intimate style venues but have played, stages in auditoriums and theatre style venues as well. I do a mix between covers and originals, my covers range from Jack Johnson to Led Zepplin all acoustic and i arrange my sets to have a general flow to them so the listener is kind of brought to a climax toward the end and then gently brought back down to a mellow finnish!!!>>>>>

100 Years--Five For Fighting Cover
Another Simple Melody--Original
Beside You-- Original
Why Georgia-- John Mayer Cover
Where Would I Be---Original
Steal My Kisses-- Ben Harper Cover
Back 2 You-- Original
Collide-- Howie Day Cover
*that's a pretty close example to an opening set!!*